Secrets, Spies & Sleuths Summary

Sandi Toksvig uncovers a stash of secrets, while Alan Davies, James Acaster, Daliso Chaponda and Cariad Lloyd lend a hand with the quite interesting facts.

QI Season 19 Episodes...

QI Show Summary

In today's world, the Information Age, there are a lot of things we don't know. What is life? What is consciousness? How did the universe begin and when will it end?

As QI proves, we know a lot less about the universe, and even ourselves, than we previously thought. What colour is the universe? Beige. How many senses have you got? From nine to over twenty. How many moons does the Earth have? At least seven.

Forget about the questions nobody has answers to. Immerse yourself in the Quite Interesting world of QI and never be bored again.

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