Escape Mutant Summary

David Sandstrom searches for a drug cocktail to save Audrey Graves, a pregnant woman who has been infected with a new strain of HIV from Africa. In an effort to save her baby, Audrey is induced at just 26 weeks; but it is too late, she has progressed to full blown AIDS and her baby has been exposed to the virus. Carlos attempts to trace the new strain of HIV back to Patient Zero and he encounters many painful memories of his own time in Africa.

Meanwhile, Mayko recruits Simon Jessup, a British neuroscientist, to help her investigate a possible link between IQ spikes and Mad Cow disease. Mayko and Simon begin to develop a personal relationship.

ReGenesis Season 2 Episodes...

ReGenesis Show Summary

Biotechnology - scientific salvation or the end of our species?

Frankenfoods. Designer children. Patented genes. Extending life. Bio-weaponry. Genetically modified organisms. Suddenly humanity possess the ability to play God. But is it progress - or madness?

As North America deals with the impact of SARS, "mad cow" disease, West Nile virus, it becomes necessary to create a North American Biotechnology Advisory Commission (NorBAC). ReGenesis centers on a team of international scientists charged with investigating the medical and ethical dilemmas fo the brave new world of 21st century science.

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