Dim & Dimmer Summary

While attending a conference in New York, David chases Owen a petty thief into the city's abandoned subway tunnels where he finds an underground community of homeless people. David discovers that some of the inhabitants share symptoms of a mysterious illness and he begins to investigate.

Back at NorBAC, Jill believes that she has discovered a cure for juvenile diabetes from an unsanctioned line of stem cells.

Caroline's nephew Glenn who has been lying in a coma is beginning to show some signs of response.

ReGenesis Season 2 Episodes...

ReGenesis Show Summary

Biotechnology - scientific salvation or the end of our species?

Frankenfoods. Designer children. Patented genes. Extending life. Bio-weaponry. Genetically modified organisms. Suddenly humanity possess the ability to play God. But is it progress - or madness?

As North America deals with the impact of SARS, "mad cow" disease, West Nile virus, it becomes necessary to create a North American Biotechnology Advisory Commission (NorBAC). ReGenesis centers on a team of international scientists charged with investigating the medical and ethical dilemmas fo the brave new world of 21st century science.

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