Massive Changes Summary

While dealing with his mother's recent death in British Columbia, David is asked to travel to Florida and Cuba with Carlos. NorBAC has been asked to investigate the claim of exiled Cuban millionaire Salvador Charringa, that his Florida orange groves have been destroyed by a biologically engineered bacterium known as x fastidiosa. When it starts to look like every major institute in Cuba is clean, David speculates that Charringa and the White House are trying to start a conspiracy to justify the invasion of Cuba. Just as tensions between the U.S. and Cuba are about to come to a head, David and Carlos, with the help of Cuban scientist Eva Ramone, discover exactly what the White House and Charringa have been looking for.

Believing that Glenn is beginning to emerge from his coma, Bob enlists the help of neuroscientist Simon Jessup to determine a prognosis.

ReGenesis Season 2 Episodes...

ReGenesis Show Summary

Biotechnology - scientific salvation or the end of our species?

Frankenfoods. Designer children. Patented genes. Extending life. Bio-weaponry. Genetically modified organisms. Suddenly humanity possess the ability to play God. But is it progress - or madness?

As North America deals with the impact of SARS, "mad cow" disease, West Nile virus, it becomes necessary to create a North American Biotechnology Advisory Commission (NorBAC). ReGenesis centers on a team of international scientists charged with investigating the medical and ethical dilemmas fo the brave new world of 21st century science.

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