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Season 7

s07e01 / Dumptown USA

26th Jun '15 - 11:30pm
Dumptown USA

Benson is going to fire Mordecai if Rigby can't bring him back from a bizarre land of dudes also known as Dumptown USA.

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s07e02 / The Parkie Awards

6th Aug '15 - 11:30pm
The Parkie Awards

When Benson does not win an award for Park Manager of the Year, the others try to make him feel better.

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s07e03 / The Lunch Club

13th Aug '15 - 11:30pm
The Lunch Club

When Rigby ruins Maellard's fancy lunch, either he or Benson must write a letter of resignation.

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s07e04 / Local News Legend

20th Aug '15 - 11:30pm
Local News Legend

Margaret wants to host a weekly segment on the local nightly news.

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s07e05 / The Dome Experiment

27th Aug '15 - 11:30pm
The Dome Experiment

Benson is determined to prove he was right about the date of the "Dome Experiment".

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s07e06 / Birthday Gift

3rd Sep '15 - 11:30pm
Birthday Gift

Mordecai is upset at Rigby when he doesn't bring a present to his birthday party.

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s07e07 / Cat Videos

10th Sep '15 - 11:30pm
Cat Videos

Benson get addicted to cat videos and disappears, and Mordecai and Rigby need to save him.

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s07e08 / Struck by Lightning

17th Sep '15 - 11:30pm
Struck by Lightning

Muscle Man and High Five Ghost get struck by lightning, losing their memories of each other.

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s07e09 / Terror Tales of the Park V

29th Oct '15 - 11:30pm
Terror Tales of the Park V

Benson tries to spice up the park's annual Halloween party by renting a wish making machine.

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s07e10 / Return of the Party Horse

10th Nov '15 - 12:30am
Return of the Party Horse

Mordecai and Rigby want to help Party Horse get back together with his girlfriend.

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s07e11 / Sleep Cycle

11th Nov '15 - 12:30am
Sleep Cycle

Mordecai and Rigby watch movies for two whole nights, throwing off their sleep cycles.

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s07e12 / Just Friends

12th Nov '15 - 12:30am
Just Friends

Rigby and Eileen get called away to Don's black belt ceremony forcing Mordecai and Margaret to hang out alone - and Mordecai to confront his feelings for Margaret now that he and CJ are no longer together and Rigby convinced Mordecai to enjoy being single.

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s07e13 / Benson's Pig

13th Nov '15 - 12:30am
Benson's Pig

Benson decides to stop becoming a cat person and becomes a pig person, so he gets a pig, but asks Mordecai and Rigby to look after it.

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s07e14 / Hello China

14th Nov '15 - 12:30am
Hello China

In order to get high school credits, Rigby has to pass a foreign language class taught by Benson in China.

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s07e15 / Hello China

1st Dec '15 - 12:30am
Hello China

In order to get high school credits, Rigby has to pass a foreign language class taught by Benson in China.

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s07e16 / Crazy Fake Plan

2nd Dec '15 - 12:30am
Crazy Fake Plan

Rigby wants to surprise Eileen for the first time.

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s07e17 / Win That Prize

3rd Dec '15 - 12:30am
Win That Prize

Pops and the gang try to win a game show.

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s07e18 / Snow Tubing

4th Dec '15 - 12:30am
Snow Tubing

Eileen, Rigby, Mordecai and Margaret go on a snow tubing trip, while Eileen tries to conquer her fear of snow tubing.

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s07e19 / Chili Cook-Off

5th Mar '16 - 11:00pm
Chili Cook-Off

Benson enters the park managers' chili cook-off to beat Jean.

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s07e20 / Donut Factory Holiday

12th Mar '16 - 11:00pm
Donut Factory Holiday

The guys try to return a movie before they get hit with a late fee.

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s07e21 / Gymblonski

19th Mar '16 - 10:00pm

Rigby's high school nemesis returns and threatens to ruin his chances at passing gym class and graduating high school.

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s07e22 / Guys Night 2

26th Mar '16 - 10:00pm
Guys Night 2

Thomas reunites with the Park Crew for one last Guys Night together.

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s07e23 / Gary's Synthesizer

2nd Apr '16 - 10:00pm
Gary's Synthesizer

When Mordecai and Rigby mess around with the cables in an old synthesizer, Gary disappears, and the guys now have to find a way to bring him back.

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s07e24 / California King

9th Apr '16 - 10:00pm
California King

After Rigby wins a king-size bed, he gets rid of his trampoline. But when he realises that he can't sleep without his trampoline, he has to go through an elaborate junkyard to find it.

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s07e25 / Cube Bros

16th Apr '16 - 10:00pm
Cube Bros

Muscle Man gets a job in a corporate office.

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s07e26 / Maellards' Package

24th Apr '16 - 10:00pm
Maellards' Package

Mordecai and Rigby have to wait at Maellard's mansion for a package as Mordecai contemplates whether he still wants to work at the park.

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s07e27 / Rigby Goes to the Prom

5th May '16 - 11:30pm
Rigby Goes to the Prom

Rigby must sneak his dad's car out of the garage and return it unnoticed in order to take Eileen to the prom.

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s07e28 / The Button

12th May '16 - 11:30pm
The Button

The guys have to protect a large red button from being pushed.

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s07e29 / Favorite Shirt

19th May '16 - 11:30pm
Favorite Shirt

The guys accidentally destroyed Muscle Man's favorite shirt.

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s07e30 / Marvolo the Wizard

26th May '16 - 11:30pm
Marvolo the Wizard

Pops thinks that he's a wizard trapped in medieval times, and he wants to go back home.

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s07e31 / Pops' Favorite Planet

2nd Jun '16 - 11:30pm
Pops' Favorite Planet

Pops wants to see his favorite planet when the guys sleep outside.

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s07e32 / Pam I Am

2nd Jun '16 - 11:45pm
Pam I Am

Benson has a crush on one of the Dome scientists, and he wants to sneak her a bucket of chicken wings so that he can ask her out.

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s07e33 / Lame Lockdown

9th Jun '16 - 11:30pm
Lame Lockdown

The head scientist puts Mordecai and Rigby on a 24-hour lockdown inside the Dome, but they want to sneak out and see one of their favorite bands?

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s07e34 / VIP Members Only

16th Jun '16 - 11:30pm
VIP Members Only

Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, and High Five Ghost want to be VIP members at Cheeser's.

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s07e35 / Deez Keys

23rd Jun '16 - 11:30pm
Deez Keys

A search for Benson's car keys leads the guys to make a deal with scientists.

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s07e36 / Rigby's Graduation Day Special

30th Jun '16 - 11:30pm
Rigby's Graduation Day Special

Rigby must write a speech for his high school graduation that will be broadcasted on national TV.

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