Series 1, Episode 2 Summary

Gabriel comes face to face with the prime suspect in the serial murders, but his deep personal connection to the case could risk jeopardising his career. As a dangerous game of cat and mouse ramps up to a shocking climax, Gabriel begins to lose control.

Meanwhile, Elaine is battling her own demons as she deals with a close bereavement, which draws her away from the case at the same time as other personal relationships within the team are pushed to breaking point. Gabriel's secret is further exposed, and the source of the exposure is revealed to be surprisingly close to home, but what is the darker secret lurking at the heart of his family?

As events spiral out of his control and Gabriel becomes increasingly more desperate, all signs point to a familiar face as the culprit, but will Gabriel manage to hold himself together for long enough to crack the case?.

Rellik Season 1 Episodes...

Rellik Show Summary

Rellik - killer spelled backwards - tells the story of a serial killed in reverse.

Starting from when the killer is caught, the thriller will go backwards in time to the very beginning of his killing spree.

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