Judgement Day Summary

Jake's case comes to the front. Leslie has to face her very own life-changing event, with her job now on the line. Des finds himself in a compromising position. Tinny is caught up between family life and job. The Doyles have 48 hours to solve a case that could change their lives forever.

Republic of Doyle Season 6 Episodes...

Republic of Doyle Show Summary

Jake Doyle and his father Malachy run a private investigations agency in St. John's, Newfoundland. Their cases involve them in all sorts of dealings, not all of them on the right side of the law. Complicating matters on the personal front is Nikki, Jake's soon-to-be ex-wife; she is just one of the many women that Jake can't seem to stay away from. Another complication is the sexy, new police constable in town, Leslie Bennett, with whom Jake has an on-again, off-again relationship. Malachy's life should be running smoothly, as his live-in love, Rose, helps out at home and at the office, but Rose has secrets of her own that she's keeping. Malachy's grand-daughter, Tinny, also lives at home, and her teenage rebelliousness wrecks havoc on everyone, but she also proves surprisingly helpful with investigations. Rounding out the crew is Des Courtenay, a local tagger who started out as a thorn in Jake's side but ends up being a valuable aide in the business.

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