Rita Rocks
Season 1

s01e01 / Pilot

21st Oct '08 - 12:30am

After Rita gets passed up for a promotion at work, she starts to question who she is and starts a garage band to capture the spirit of her younger days.

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s01e02 / Lies, Lies, Lies, Yeah-ah

22nd Oct '08 - 12:30am
Lies, Lies, Lies, Yeah-ah

Rita skips out on Shannon's karate lesson to jam with the band and lies to Shannon about it. When Hallie exposes the truth, Rita tries to make it up to Shannon by buying her a dog. Meanwhile, Kip is determined to stay in the band against Hallie's wishes.

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s01e03 / You Gotta Have Friends

23rd Oct '08 - 12:30am
You Gotta Have Friends

Rita tries to help out Patty with her love life, but with no avail. Elsewhere, Rita and Jay become angry when Hallie and Kip plan to get tattoos.

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s01e04 / Flirting With Disaster

24th Oct '08 - 12:30am
Flirting With Disaster

Jay gets jealous when Rita and Patty take a trip to the guitar shop and meet two young musicians who invite them to watch their band perform.

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s01e05 / Mother's Little Helper

25th Oct '08 - 12:30am
Mother's Little Helper

When the sitter cancels, Rita and Jay worry they will have to cancel their plans for a weekend-getaway. Rita leaves Hallie in charge of the house while she and Jay are away, but sets up a surveillance camera system first.

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s01e06 / Nobody Does It Better

29th Oct '08 - 12:30am
Nobody Does It Better

After Jay makes a surprise dinner that gets rave reviews from the kids, Rita starts to feel unappreciated.

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s01e07 / Take This Job and Shove It

12th Nov '08 - 1:30am
Take This Job and Shove It

Rita and Jay's money lessons fail to capture Hallie's attention once she gains a job herself. Hallie doesn't see any need to go to college until she observes how Rita's job affects her life.

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s01e08 / The Crying Game

19th Nov '08 - 1:30am
The Crying Game

Jay's friends make fun of him after Rita reveals his soft side. Shannon gets the help of Kip and Hallie on her school film project.

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s01e09 / Under Pressure

26th Nov '08 - 1:30am
Under Pressure

Hallie considers having sex with Kip after her friends constantly pressure her into doing so. When Rita finds out, she tries to advise Hallie in the right direction. Shannon invites Jay to Career Day at her school.

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s01e10 / Got No Time

3rd Dec '08 - 1:30am
Got No Time

When Rita is called for jury duty and Jay, after much of Rita's nagging, joins a committee that turns out to be just an excuse for dads to watch sports, they enjoy how relaxing their new responsibilities are and realize they need to make free time a priority. Much to Rita's dismay, Hallie and Kip become vegetarians.

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s01e11 / Love on the Rocks

10th Dec '08 - 1:30am
Love on the Rocks

When Owen spends more time practicing with the band than searching for a job, his wife kicks him out of the house. Rita and Jay invite him to stay at their house for a while, and Owen gets a peek at a different side of his bandmate that he doesn't expect.

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s01e12 / I Write the Songs

17th Dec '08 - 1:30am
I Write the Songs

Hearing that Kip is performing with another band comes as a relief to Rita and Patty, who thought that he was cheating on Hallie. When Rita hears the songs the new band writes, it ignites a fire in her and she tries to write some tunes of her own. She has a hard time, but finds inspiration through Jay when he reminds her of letters she once wrote to him.

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s01e13 / The Girl Is Mine

6th Jan '09 - 1:30am
The Girl Is Mine

When Rita comes down with a cold, Patty helps out around the house. But when Patty starts forming a special bond with Shannon, Rita gets jealous. Kip and Jay become closer after they have a video-game rivalry.

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s01e14 / Old Friends

13th Jan '09 - 1:30am
Old Friends

Rita and a former band mate, whom she holds a grudge against, are reunited via Facebook. Also on Facebook, Hallie and Kip compete to see who can make the most friends.

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s01e15 / It's My Party

20th Jan '09 - 1:30am
It's My Party

Hallie loses her parent's trust when she sneaks out of the house to a college party. Rita is not sure how to respond to Patty's request to let her personal trainer join the band, and Rita and Jay are convinced by Shannon to host a birthday party for their dog.

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s01e16 / I Can't Make You Love Me

27th Jan '09 - 1:30am
I Can't Make You Love Me

After discovering that Jay's aunt doesn't like her, Rita sets out to make a good impression when she visits.

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s01e17 / Get Off Of My Cloud

3rd Feb '09 - 1:30am
Get Off Of My Cloud

Rita and Jay have dinner with Jay's new client Sam, who reveals his secret desire of having a garage band. When Rita tells him that she has a band with her friends, he invites them to play at the company's annual party. Shannon finds a way to get Hallie to do all of her chores and make a profit off of her too.

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s01e18 / Killer Queen

10th Feb '09 - 1:30am
Killer Queen

After Rita finds out someone has been bullying Shannon at school, she competes with the bully's mother at a school fund-raiser. Hallie buys a used car that makes Jay reminisce about the old days.

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s01e19 / What's Love Got To Do With It

17th Feb '09 - 1:30am
What's Love Got To Do With It

Rita and Jay both plan special Valentine's Day celebrations, in the hopes that there is still some spark left in their relationship.

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s01e20 / We Can Work It Out

24th Feb '09 - 1:30am
We Can Work It Out

Rita gets a promotion at work and makes the tough decision that she will have to quit the band to keep up with her hectic schedule. But when Jay and the girls start noticing that Rita isn't the same without her music, they try to get her to prioritize.

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