Season 3

s03e01 / Busted

10th Oct '01 - 12:00am

Max and Liz are arrested and jailed for holding up a convenience store. Meanwhile, Isabel has a secret affair with a handsome attorney, and Michael tries to straighten out his life.

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s03e02 / Michael, The Guys and The Great Snapple Caper

17th Oct '01 - 12:00am
Michael, The Guys and The Great Snapple Caper

Michael works as a security guard, but when he tries to loosen up his co-workers, he causes more harm than good. Meanwhile, Max and Liz continue to see each other despite her parents' wishes.

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s03e03 / Significant Others

24th Oct '01 - 12:00am
Significant Others

With Alex's ghost as her guide, Isabel must finally confront her fears about love and her conflicted feelings for Jesse. Meanwhile, Maria happily discovers a whole new, human part of Michael in, of all places, a bowling alley, and Liz and Max struggle to remain together despite her father's insistent disapproval.

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s03e04 / Secrets and Lies (1)

31st Oct '01 - 1:00am
Secrets and Lies (1)

Max travels to Hollywood while investigating a hug he believes was committed by an alien. He discovers a link to a Paramount science fiction show called "They Are Among Us" and when he goes to the Paramount lot to investigate he ends up auditioning for the part of an alien on an episode of "Enterprise" directed by Star Trek alum, Jonathan Frakes. Meanwhile, back in Roswell, Isabel and Jesse struggle over how to reveal their engagement to their families.

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s03e05 / Control (2)

7th Nov '01 - 1:00am
Control (2)

Max, with the help of Kal Langley, undertakes a dangerous journey as he seeks to learn of the fate of Tess and his son. Meanwhile, back in Roswell, Isabel and Jesse must face the negative reactions of their parents and friends to their impending marriage.

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s03e06 / To Have and To Hold

14th Nov '01 - 1:00am
To Have and To Hold

Right before her wedding, Isabel is torn with doubt when she has erotic dreams of her former alien lover, Kivar. Meanwhile, a reluctant Max agrees to serve as Jesse's best man, while attempting to investigate him at the bachelor party.

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s03e07 / Interruptus

21st Nov '01 - 1:00am

After their idyllic wedding, Isabel and Jesse are stalked on their honeymoon by her alien lover Kivar who plots to take her back to their home planet. Learning of this, Max and Michael arrive intent on destroying the alien. Meanwhile, Liz and Maria discover that Philip has begun a secret investigation of Max, including the diappearance of Tess, and he's embroiling Liz's dad into the whole thing.

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s03e08 / Behind the Music

28th Nov '01 - 1:00am
Behind the Music

When an old love visits Maria her passion for music resurfaces, which jeopardizes her relationship with Michael. Meanwhile, while Max's father is still trying to put together all the pieces of his investigation, Isabel joins Max in the quest to stop him.

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s03e09 / Samuel Rising

19th Dec '01 - 1:00am
Samuel Rising

When Max is fascinated by an intriguing autistic child he wonders if his own lost child is attempting to reach out to him. Meanwhile, Michael plays Santa to Maria and Liz's elves at a charity event. Isabel and Jesse share their first holiday together as husband and wife.

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s03e10 / A Tale of Two Parties

2nd Jan '02 - 1:00am
A Tale of Two Parties

On New Year's eve everyone ends up with everyone else's significant other: Liz with Michael at the diner, Isabele and Kyle at a Fraternity Party, and Max and Maria in search of the Enigma.

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s03e11 / I Married An Alien

30th Jan '02 - 1:00am
I Married An Alien

When a journalist friend of Jesse's comes to Roswell, Isabel discovers he's investigating her, Max and Michael, after he witnesses Michael using his powers. Meanwhile, Isabel fantasizes about what her life would be like if Jesse knew her alien secret through the device of a 1960s sitcom a la "Bewitched".

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s03e12 / Ch-Ch-Changes

6th Feb '02 - 1:00am

When Liz begins to undergo some strange, alien-like changes to her body, she decides she needs to get as far from Max as she can. In order to separate from him she must leave Roswell to go to boarding school in Vermont. Meanwhile, Maria gets offered a recording contract in New York, but she isn't sure she likes what the record label people are doing to her music to make it "popular".

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s03e13 / Panacea

13th Feb '02 - 1:00am

Michael uncovers a conspiracy at Metachem, when a guard is killed on duty. Michael enlists the aid of Max and Isabel when the investigation takes an alien turn. Meanwhile, Liz has entered boarding school in Vermont and tries to start a new life, and Maria disillusioned by New York goes to visit Liz in Vermont.

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s03e14 / Chant Down Babylon

27th Feb '02 - 1:00am
Chant Down Babylon

Michael, Jesse and Valenti call on a discredited doctor to help the wounded Isabel. Also, Clayton Wheeler undergoes an amazing transformation and soon finds himself drawn to Liz; and Jesse quizzes Michael about Isabel's alien roots.

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s03e15 / Who Died and Made You King?

24th Apr '02 - 12:00am
Who Died and Made You King?

When the gang attempts to return to their normal lives, they soon find that their lives have gotten a lot more complicated, which includes Jesse attempting to come to terms with his newfound knowledge but matters are complicated when he finds himself under FBI scrutiny, and Max's "death" creates a unique situation within the alien authority structure, resulting in a new King... Michael.

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s03e16 / Crash

1st May '02 - 12:00am

Michael witnesses a fatal crash between a fighter jet and an alien vessel, and embarks on his own investigation leading to the recovery of an artifact. Meanwhile, Isabel spends the day with her mother, who's harboring a secret agenda and is working with her husband to discover Max & Isabel's secret, which leads to a shocking revelation.

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s03e17 / Four Aliens and A Baby

8th May '02 - 12:00am
Four Aliens and A Baby

Max's quest to find his son ends with the return of Tess and the baby, and the gang find themselves in danger again while trying to protect the child. Meanwhile, Jesse encourages Isabel to reveal her true origins to her parents, and the elder Evanses provide a way to ensure their grandchild's safety.

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s03e18 / Graduation

15th May '02 - 12:00am

As their high school graduation approaches, the gang must come to terms with their expectations for the future, while joining together to thwart the FBI when they discover that several members of the group are under surveillance. Meanwhile, Liz begins exhibiting even more alien-like powers, that cause her to see visions of their future - including their deaths.

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