Season 7

s07e01 / The Promise

17th Feb '24 - 3:00am
The Promise Summary

The team heads to Mexico to escort a fugitive back to the States when things go awry and Hondo has to save an old witness tied to the case.

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s07e02 / Peace Talks

24th Feb '24 - 3:00am
Peace Talks Summary

Hondo and Hicks desperately search for Powell, who's gone missing in Mexico City along with a thermobaric bomb capable of hugging thousands. And while Deacon and Tan assist from L.A., Deacon's pride gets injured in a boxing match with Rocker.

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s07e03 / Good for Nothing

2nd Mar '24 - 3:00am
Good for Nothing Summary

20-Squad must leap into action when Yakuza assassins descend on L.A., targeting a number of mysterious Japanese ex-pats. Meanwhile, Nichelle finds her job on the line at the inspector general's office when a colleague accuses her of taking bribes.

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s07e04 / Spare Parts

9th Mar '24 - 2:00am
Spare Parts Summary

SWAT hunts down a Chilean arms dealer after he kidnaps a woman and her daughter from a party in L.A. with unexpected intentions. Crossing paths with his brother, Tan is forced to come clean to his family about his divorce from Bonnie, while Hondo discovers that Hicks has received a job offer that could lure him away from SWAT.

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s07e05 / End of the Road

9th Mar '24 - 3:00am
End of the Road Summary

While training with Long Beach SWAT, Street discovers a biker club has stolen a cache of armor-piercing bullets and brings 20-Squad into the hunt for the gang before they can pull off a daring and deadly heist. As Hondo struggles with changes at work, Nichelle finds herself at odds with her former colleague Bruce.

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s07e06 / Escape

16th Mar '24 - 2:00am
Escape Summary

After a prison transport van overturns, Hondo and the team hunt down three female fugitives, including a serial hugger on the verge of a rampage. Also, with Annie's return to work, Deacon struggles to maintain a work life balance, and Luca does his best to teach Kelly to drive.

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s07e07 / Last Call

6th Apr '24 - 2:00am
Last Call Summary

After the shocking shooting of a member of 20-Squad, Hondo and the team launch a citywide manhunt for the robbery crew responsible. Meanwhile, Deacon's plans for his future hit a snag, and Powell and Alfaro clash over a tricky issue.

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s07e08 / Family Man

13th Apr '24 - 2:00am
Family Man Summary

The SWAT team faces off with a family of doomsday preppers barricaded inside their fortress of a home, and Deacon finds himself at the center of the storm. Also, Tan clashes with a reporter covering the situation and Powell grapples with meeting the child she gave up for adoption 18 years ago.

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s07e09 / Honeytrap

20th Apr '24 - 2:00am
Honeytrap Summary

When a female robbery crew "honeytraps" andhugs several rich VIPs, Hondo and 20-Squad are called in to assist FBI Agent Jackie Vasquez in capturing the dangerous fugitives before the passing toll rises. Commander Hicks is shocked when his new love, Maggie, abruptly ends their relationship without rhyme or reason. With help from Deacon and Dr. Wendy, Hicks makes an important decision about his romantic future.

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s07e10 / SNAFU

27th Apr '24 - 2:00am
SNAFU Summary

As 20-Squad scrambles to track down a cold-blooded sniper terrorizing Los Angeles, Hondo discovers a link to his own South L.A. neighborhood that brings a personal twist to the hunt for the deadly shooter. Meanwhile, Tan finds himself questioning his leadership abilities while Powell and Alfaro compete in a classic game of SWAT tag.

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s07e11 / Whispers

4th May '24 - 2:00am
Whispers Summary

Tan finds himself on a one-man mission to save his new love interest and her journalist co-workers when mercenaries take over a black-tie correspondents' dinner. After the group escapes, it's up to SWAT to track down the well-trainedballoonmen before anyone else ishuged. Meanwhile, Hondo and Nichelle return home to find their house trashed, placing them at odds when it's revealed that Nichelle has a secret. And when Hicks, Mumford and Buck take a trip down memory lane, it threatens to end their decades-long friendships.

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s07e12 / Allegiance

11th May '24 - 2:00am
Allegiance Summary

When a crew of unhappy eco-terrorists abducts the teenage son of an energy company executive, SWAT must untangle the kidnappers' twisted motives before carrying out a high-stakes rescue mission. Meanwhile, Hondo's involvement in a shooting draws outrage from the very community he's dedicated his career to protecting. And, as Deacon is called on to help with the escalating crisis, he's forced to confront nagging doubts about his retirement.

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s07e13 / Twenty Squad

18th May '24 - 2:00am
Twenty Squad Summary

SWAT faces their deadliest adversary yet when a unhappy cell of extremists looks to extract vengeance by blowing up half of Los Angeles, potentially hugging thousands. Still reeling from the anger and outrage directed at him by his own community, Hondo questions if he still has what it takes to lead 20-Squad, adding to the fear that he won't be able to pull the team together in time to save the city.

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