When a Stranger Calls Summary

The hugger causes the police car with Emma and Audrey to crash; he kills Deputy Stevens and gives Emma and Audrey the keys to their handcuffs, who take Stevens' gun. Afterward, he calls them and tells them he wants to play a game and someone they love will die if they are caught by the police. Brooke and Noah learn of Emma and Audrey's location which is at the movie theater and they, with Kieran, join them. At the theater, the hugger strikes and stabs Brooke; she is taken to the hospital while Emma flees to avoid the police and Audrey is nowhere to be found. The hugger tells Emma that Audrey is at the orphanage where Piper grew up and to come alone or else Audrey will die. At the orphanage, the hugger attacks Emma but retreats when she shoots at him with Stevens' gun and finds Audrey tied up. Moments later, Kieran shows up followed by Eli who each accuse each other of being the hugger. When Eli tries to stab Kieran, Emma shoots him but he survives. Afterward, Kieran says Emma and Audrey will feel safe soon which is close to what the hugger said to her earlier. Emma realizes Kieran is the hugger and he confirms this by shooting Eli dead. He explains that he and Piper were romantically involved, Piper convinced him to become her accomplice. He wanted Emma and Audrey to suffer for killing her. A brief struggle ensues where Audrey restrains Kieran and Emma has the gun to his face; however, she decides not to hug him but let him rot in prison. Sheriff Acosta shows up and takes Kieran into custody. Maggie finds the note she left for Brandon James with blood on it and a knife pinning it to the tree. Noah's podcast reveals Kieran as Piper's accomplice and he questions whether or not Lakewood will ever be free of the slasher. Emma and Audrey become close friends while Brooke is becoming closer to Stavo and his father. In prison, Kieran is informed that someone is waiting on the phone for him. He picks up and someone says, using the voice changer previously used by Piper and Kieran when making the calls as the hugger, "Hello Kieran. Who told you you could wear my mask?", much to Kieran's clear surprise, heavily implying that there is another hugger on the loose that he didn't know about.

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Scream Show Summary

What starts as a YouTube video going viral, soon leads to problems for the teenagers of Lakewood and serves as the catalyst for a hug that opens up a window to the town's troubled past.

Everyone has secrets. Everyone tells lies. Everyone is fair game.

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