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Season 5

s05e01 / Genesis

8th Jan '22 - 3:00am

As Dory embarks on a curious new path, Portia, Elliott, and Drew contemplate how to move forward in life, work, and love.

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s05e02 / Exodus

9th Jan '22 - 3:00am

Dory spreads the word about her enlightenment while attempting to make amends with her friends.

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s05e03 / Kings

10th Jan '22 - 3:00am

Dory invites the gang to a meeting of the minds with tech billionaire Tunnel Quinn.

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s05e04 / Leviticus

11th Jan '22 - 3:00am

The gang kicks off a nationwide search for the first recipients of their highly-anticipated enlightenment pill.

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s05e05 / Acts of the Apostles

12th Jan '22 - 3:00am
Acts of the Apostles

Dory makes a shocking discovery about the Lyte pill that calls her beliefs into question.

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s05e06 / The Gospel of Judas

13th Jan '22 - 3:00am
The Gospel of Judas

Dory starts to suspect that she's being poisoned from within, while Drew casts doubt upon her teachings.

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s05e07 / Book of the Wars of the Lord

14th Jan '22 - 3:00am
Book of the Wars of the Lord

Dory and her disciples orchestrate a hostage situation as they rush to finish the Lyte pill's formula.

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s05e08 / Song of Songs

15th Jan '22 - 3:00am
Song of Songs

Dory's enlightenment brigade prepares to take the pills as Chantal attempts to fend off the end of the world.

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s05e09 / Lamentations

16th Jan '22 - 3:00am

After discovering the pills' grisly side-effects, the squad scrambles to save humanity before it's too late.

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s05e10 / Revelation

17th Jan '22 - 3:00am

The gang crosses paths with an unlikely savior in their fight for survival.

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