Season 1

s01e00 / Happy F*cking New Year

17th Dec '16 - 4:59am
Happy F*cking New Year

The journey continues as these eight singular hearts and minds weave in and out of each other's lives finding deeper connections, learning darker secrets about one another and struggling to identify with more than just oneself.

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s01e01 / Limbic Resonance

6th Jun '15 - 3:59am
Limbic Resonance

A mysterious blonde woman appears in visions to eight strangers scattered around the world: a trans woman blogger, a DJ, a police officer, a thief, a businesswoman, a pharmaceutical worker engaged to be married, a bus driver, and a telenovela actor. They begin to realize that something is tying them together as they mentally share their experiences with each other.

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s01e02 / I Am Also a We

7th Jun '15 - 3:59am
I Am Also a We

Kala's family celebrates her engagement to Rajan, and Daniela finds out about Lito's secret lover. Meanwhile, the ties between the Eight grow ever closer as Jonas makes contact with some of them.

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s01e03 / Smart Money Is on the Skinny Bitch

8th Jun '15 - 3:59am
Smart Money Is on the Skinny Bitch

Capheus buys medicine for his mother but loses it, and calls upon the skills of two of the Eight to recover it. Meanwhile, Riley meets an old friend and Will remembers more of what happened with Sara Patrell.

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s01e04 / What's Going On?

9th Jun '15 - 3:59am
What's Going On?

As Metzger prepares to lobotomize Nomi, Will contacts Jonas and the older Sensate says that Will has to rescue his fellow cluster member. Meanwhile, Wolfgang and Felix sell the diamonds and celebrate, Kala learns an unpleasant truth about her husband-to-be, and Sun must choose whether to save her family's reputation or not.

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s01e05 / Art Is Like Religion

10th Jun '15 - 3:59am
Art Is Like Religion

Kala continues to have doubts about her marriage to Rajan. Meanwhile, Will gets a lead on the boy who may have seen Angel's suicide at the church, Capheus passes a test, and Sun receives unexpected advice as she questions whether to accept the blame for her brother's embezzlement.

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s01e06 / Demons

11th Jun '15 - 3:59am

The cluster begins drawing closer as Wolfgang pays another visit to Kala, and Riley and Sun discover that they are both in trouble because of others. Lito tries to deal with Sun's experiences during a TV interview, while Will helps Riley when Nyx comes looking for his drug money.

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s01e07 / W. W. N. Double D?

12th Jun '15 - 3:59am
W. W. N. Double D?

Nomi puts her hacking skills to use tracking down Metzger, and meets one of his former patients. Meanwhile, Silas gives Capheus a lesson in what he will do to those who threaten his security, Riley returns to Iceland to visit her father, and Will tracks down the van that took Angel's body away.

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s01e08 / We Will All Be Judged By the Courage of Our Hearts

13th Jun '15 - 3:59am
We Will All Be Judged By the Courage of Our Hearts

Whispers and his men close in on Nomi. Meanwhile, Capheus asks his mother for advice and Daniela makes a decision that will affect Lito and Hernando's relationship.

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s01e09 / Death Doesn't Let You Say Goodbye

14th Jun '15 - 3:59am
Death Doesn't Let You Say Goodbye

Lito and Riley both look back on their lost relationships, and turn to the Cluster for help. Meanwhile, Riley receives advice from another Sensate, while Jonas recontacts Will and Sun receives a visit from her father.

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s01e10 / What Is Human?

15th Jun '15 - 3:59am
What Is Human?

Lito goes after Joaquin and Wolfgang confronts Steiner... and actor and street tough need each other's help. Meanwhile, Jonas tells Will what being a Sensate means, and Riley goes to her father's concert.

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s01e11 / Just Turn the Wheel and the Future Changes

16th Jun '15 - 3:59am
Just Turn the Wheel and the Future Changes

While Nomi tries to hide Riley from Whispers, Capheus and Wolfgang both decide to confront their troubles head-on. Meanwhile, Sun receives bad news from her brother.

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s01e12 / I Can't Leave Her

17th Jun '15 - 3:59am
I Can't Leave Her

Whispers and the BPO capture Riley, and the cluster must meet for the first time to rescue her... at a terrible cost.

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