Season 2

s02e01 / Doll

16th Jan '21 - 1:00am

Jericho and Leanne are missing. Dorothy devises a 72-hour game plan, while Sean and Julian continue hiding the truth.

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s02e02 / Spaceman

23rd Jan '21 - 1:00am

With Natalie's help, Sean and Julian uncover disturbing details about the cult. Dorothy sacrifices her career reputation for her family.

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s02e03 / Pizza

30th Jan '21 - 1:00am

The Turners open up a family business as a front for a more important mission.

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s02e04 / 2:00

6th Feb '21 - 1:00am

With a new guest in the house, Dorothy resorts to bold tactics to get what she wants.

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s02e05 / Cake

13th Feb '21 - 1:00am

The Turners scramble to prepare for a pivotal meeting. Leanne bakes a mysterious cake.

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s02e06 / Espresso

20th Feb '21 - 1:00am

An unexpected visitor pushes everyone to their limits as Sean re-examines his past and Dorothy attempts to negotiate a delicate exchange.

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s02e07 / Marino

27th Feb '21 - 1:00am

The Marino family tragedy raises more questions about Leanne. Uncle George's presence in the house create a problem for the Turners.

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s02e08 / Loveshack

6th Mar '21 - 1:00am

Dorothy and Sean get a hopeful sign. Leanne and Julian get to know each other better.

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s02e09 / Goose

13th Mar '21 - 1:00am

As they wait for Jericho's return, Dorothy and Sean pretend everything is fine at a tense Christmas Eve lunch.

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s02e10 / Josephine

20th Mar '21 - 12:00am

An unexpected arrival threatens to tear Dorothy and Sean apart, leaving Leanne defenseless.

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