Shark Tank
Season 1

s01e01 / Season 1, Episode 1

10th Aug '09 - 12:00am
Season 1, Episode 1

People pitching their ideas in front of a panel of business magnates to try and raise money, includes a baker with a family pie recipe, an inventor with a technological gizmo and a nanny who\'s created a fun, easy way for kids to take their medicines.

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s01e02 / Season 1, Episode 2

17th Aug '09 - 12:00am
Season 1, Episode 2

Among the items the sharks are shown includes a new lifesaving idea, a new way to learn, and burgeoning gourmet food business.

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s01e03 / Season 1, Episode 3

24th Aug '09 - 12:00am
Season 1, Episode 3

The sharks listen to a woman who writes children\'s books; a woman who\'s designed a handy kitchen gadget; and a father and son team who have a new musical product.

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s01e04 / Season 1, Episode 4

31st Aug '09 - 12:00am
Season 1, Episode 4

Among the pitches to the Sharks include an Internet business; a graffiti removal service; and a child care product.

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s01e05 / Season 1, Episode 5

7th Sep '09 - 12:00am
Season 1, Episode 5

An idea for an Internet company from two Brazilian brothers has three of the Sharks on a feeding frenzy. Next, an entrepreneur from Iowa with a new fitness device will go to all extremes for a bite by a Shark.

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s01e06 / Season 1, Episode 6

14th Sep '09 - 12:00am
Season 1, Episode 6

A pair of Washington D.C. lobbyists seek funding to begin their barbecue sauce venture. A feisty Chicago Internet entrepreneur gives the uncompromising Sharks a taste of their own medicine.

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s01e07 / Season 1, Episode 7

30th Sep '09 - 12:00am
Season 1, Episode 7

A female Shark rebukes her male colleagues for what she felt was an immature reaction to a pitch from a South Carolina housewife. A college student from Indiana tries sell a product he developed in his mother\'s kitchen, but his lack of knowledge in the world of business may hurt his chances.

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s01e08 / Season 1, Episode 8

7th Oct '09 - 12:00am
Season 1, Episode 8

The college students launch, Kevin admits defeat, we get an update on coverplay (1x04). Treasure chest pets makes a tough equity decision, and do we need 3 socks? Finally, is a young designer a lying pig?

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s01e09 / Season 1, Episode 9

14th Oct '09 - 12:00am
Season 1, Episode 9

Sharks are pitched the following items, a product made by a veterinarian who claims it prevents cancer in pets; a virtual arcade; and a line of fashionable clothing for women from a Texan designer.

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s01e10 / Season 1, Episode 10

21st Oct '09 - 12:00am
Season 1, Episode 10

A man goes to the Sharks for an investment in his already successful business; and a urologist makes an unusual business proposal.

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s01e11 / Season 1, Episode 11

9th Jan '10 - 1:00am
Season 1, Episode 11

First into the Shark Tank are a pleasant husband and wife team from Glen Allen, Virginia trying to sell their successful child-care business. But when asked what the actual value of the company is, the air of pleasantry turns to tension. Next into the Tank is a chef from Folson, California, trying to get an investment for her delicious salad mix. Most of the Sharks are concerned about investing, however, when she reveals that she had to pull the product off the shelves. A man from Philadelphia pitches a three-dimensional helmet, to which he has the patent. Next, a man from Franklin, Tennessee learns that you need to come prepared when pitching a product to the Sharks and a man from New Jersey hopes that the Sharks will invest into his golf ball cleaner.

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s01e12 / Season 1, Episode 12

16th Jan '10 - 1:00am
Season 1, Episode 12

Two cyclists from Austin, Texas hope that the Sharks will be interested in a hand de-greasing wipe. A police officer from San Diego pitches a product with his wife that is certainly less-than manly. A college student from NYU gets a business lesson from the Sharks when pitching his environmentally friendly t-shirts. Finally, a women who designed a shopping experience for children is brought to tears when pitching her idea to the Sharks.

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s01e13 / Season 1, Episode 13

23rd Jan '10 - 1:00am
Season 1, Episode 13

First into the Shark Tank is an entrepreneur from Monrovia, California, who wants to bring back the old fashion ice cream man, with a modern flair. Next into the Shark Tank is a couple from Santa Monica, California, who pitch the idea of a coffee shop that will provide basic legal services; unfortunately, Kevin O\'Leary mocks them for their poorly executed plan. In another coffee-related pick, a man pitches a product he has created that will be able to determine whether a cup of coffee contains caffeine or not. Finally, a woman hopes that he unique way of recycling small amounts of left-over lipstick will sway the Sharks into making an investment.

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s01e14 / Season 1, Episode 14

30th Jan '10 - 1:00am
Season 1, Episode 14

A woman from Chicago is first into the Shark Tank with a presentation of a shoe fashion show, which leave Kevin O'Leary confused. A couple from La Habra Heights, California come to pitch their liquid llama fertilizer. A sister act from Chicago pitch their funny company that mails balls with messages on them. A man from Bend, Oregon comes with a bendable, geometric toy and a man from Delroy Beach, Florida has created a hands-free umbrella.

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