S02E01 We're Not in Kansas Anymore Summary

Charlie and Linda consider their options in the aftermath of the disastrous wedding between Drina and Li'l Tony and how to handle their precarious windfall. Fonso is called to a special meeting of the Roma Council while Simza copes with White Tony's untimely death. Rita is given an unexpected opportunity.

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Shut Eye Show Summary

Charlie Haverford is a scammer with a small chain of fortune-telling storefronts and contracts building tricks for a family that controls the business in the greater chunk of Los Angeles. A blow to the head from a client's angry boyfriend intersects with a hypnosis session while auditioning a new 'clairvoyant', and suddenly, a man whose entire life has been based on fraud begins to see and feel some very real and fundamental truths. Charlie's wife Linda is sick and tired of their mediocre life and wants to break away from Fonso, the single father who runs the Marks family's psychic empire, and controls the Haverford's future.

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