Sick Note
Season 1

s01e01 / Queen of Hearts

7th Nov '17 - 10:00pm
Queen of Hearts

A down-on-his-luck man is told by his oncologist that he has a terminal illness, but his life improves as family and friends rally round him. He then finds out he has been misdiagnosed, with his doctor urging him to keep quiet about his mistake and enjoy his new, easier life.

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s01e02 / Playing Ball

14th Nov '17 - 10:00pm
Playing Ball

Daniel has a body to dispose of and the only person he can turn to is Dr Glennis, while Kenny West learns that the vomit clip has gone viral and hatches a plan to save face.

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s01e03 / Janina Kolkiewicz

21st Nov '17 - 10:00pm
Janina Kolkiewicz

Daniel's already got a lot on his mind but life's about to get a whole lot worse when Linda suggests to Kenny that he becomes the new face of We Cover Insurance.

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s01e04 / The Golden Grain

28th Nov '17 - 10:00pm
The Golden Grain

Finally, it looks like Daniel and Dr Glennis have everything covered and now they can focus on making Daniel's fake illness more believable.

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s01e05 / Airplane Mode

5th Dec '17 - 10:00pm
Airplane Mode

A claustrophobic game of cat and mouse ensues, with multiple parties all attempting to outwit each other to uncover the truth. But how far will Dr Glennis go to stop the truth from coming out?.

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s01e06 / Chicken Soup

12th Dec '17 - 10:00pm
Chicken Soup

Officer Hayward is on the prowl, just a hair's breadth away from uncovering the truth, while Becca suspects foul play.

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