Silent Witness
Season 23

s23e01 / Deadhead - Part One

7th Jan '20 - 9:00pm
Deadhead - Part One

Nikki is called in when a private jet crashes in a forest outside London, and finds herself forced to be the bearer of bad news when she learns that the casualties include a former US ambassador who is also an old friend of Matt's. Meanwhile, Thomas investigates the suspicious suicide of a successful businessman, and uncovers an unexpected connection to the plane crash - which suggests the two cases are linked, and that the plane may have been deliberately sabotaged as part of a coordinated attack.

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s23e02 / Deadhead - Part Two

8th Jan '20 - 9:00pm
Deadhead - Part Two

Nikki and the Lyell team continue to investigate the plane crash, ruling out an explosion and engine failure. The investigation takes a turn when they discover a connection to a sinister online forum. Meanwhile, Nikki's partner Matt is grieving following the death of his close friend, putting their relationship under strain.

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s23e03 / Close to Home (1)

13th Jan '20 - 9:00pm
Close to Home (1)

When a body is found in a field near the village of Hartford, Nikki and the Lyell team confirm it is that of missing teenager Jason Forbes. Working to the theory that most huggers strike close to home, the ambitious DCI Claire Ashby is committed to proving the guilt of her main suspect, local locksmith Malcolm Wilde.

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s23e04 / Close to Home (2)

15th Jan '20 - 9:00pm
Close to Home (2)

Investigating the hug of a teenage boy, Nikki and her team are forced to question police methods. Although Thomas discovers evidence that throws the time of death into doubt, DCI Claire Ashby seems more concerned with building the case against her main suspect. With pressure building on the police to secure a conviction, the Lyell team must fight to ensure that inconvenient truths aren't overlooked. Meanwhile, Clarissa notes a troubling parallel with a case from the start of her career. Is the real murderer still out there?

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s23e05 / Seven Times (1)

20th Jan '20 - 9:00pm
Seven Times (1)

The body of a woman is found on railway tracks in London, badly damaged from electrical burns. On the mortuary slab, the woman's recent and historic injuries suggest years of abuse, likely within the home. It's a difficult post-mortem for Nikki, as she is troubled by memories from her childhood.

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s23e06 / Seven Times (2)

21st Jan '20 - 9:00pm
Seven Times (2)

Nikki determines that Jenny must have died before making contact with the tracks. But when the search for Jenny's hugger hits a wall, her friends at the women's refuge seek answers. Meanwhile, Thomas's political ambitions lead him to make friends in high places. Offers are made to open all the right doors for Thomas, but what do they want in return?

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s23e07 / Hope (1)

27th Jan '20 - 9:00pm
Hope (1)

Teenagers messing around in a stolen car collide with a concrete pillar in a multistorey car park. The joyriders escape, but within the smashed

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s23e08 / Hope (2)

28th Jan '20 - 9:00pm
Hope (2)

The Lyell team identify the concrete-encased remains as those of Derek Marshall, survived by his wife Sue and sister Ann. Clarissa traces payments to a cryogenics facility, leading to the discovery of another suspicious death. Lacking any proper documentation, the coroner orders a post-mortem into the cryogenically frozen body. How did they die, and why was the decision made to freeze them?

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s23e09 / The Greater Good (1)

3rd Feb '20 - 9:00pm
The Greater Good (1)

Thomas investigates the case of John Sealy, a soldier who died during a military training exercise involving exposure to CS gas. It appears John died from an aneurism, but when Thomas discovers the trace of a possible nerve agent in his system, the family are desperate for answers. Was a chemical weapon involved or is there a more innocent explanation?

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s23e10 / The Greater Good (2)

5th Feb '20 - 9:00pm
The Greater Good (2)

Jack is rushed to hospital after collapsing at the scene of a car crash. Thomas discovers that soldier John Sealy may have been exposed to a nerve agent.

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