Season 1

s01e01 / Pilot

19th Jan '17 - 3:00am

While on a mission in Afghanistan in 2014, U.S. Navy SEAL troop leader Rip Taggart makes a questionable decision when he takes out a possible threat, working for the terrorist Muttaqi, who claims he's American. Two years later, Rip is disbanded from his team and is working as a private security contractor in Nigeria helping to protect an all girls school. But Rip is captured by terrorist organization Boko Haram. So it's up to his former SEAL Team Six, including one new member, to locate and rescue him. It is revealed that the brother of the boy Rip killed is alive and active.

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s01e02 / Her Name Is Esther

26th Jan '17 - 3:00am
Her Name Is Esther

While Rip sits in captivity resigned to his death at the hands of his captors, the rest of his old team engages a terrorist cell on a boat who has knowledge of his whereabouts. Bear and his wife visit a fertility clinic despite his reservations about the cost. Buddha is having troubles with his family.

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s01e03 / Tour of Duty

2nd Feb '17 - 3:00am
Tour of Duty

The reason behind Rip's departure from SEAL Team Six is revealed: that he killed an unarmed American (from Episode 1) in a operation to hunt down Muttaqi, a key terrorist player. He was also known to be an alcoholic, straining his relationship with his then-wife. While his whereabouts were known to his old teammates through a videoclip that the Boko Haram have transmitted, Rip unsuccessfully tries to escape. Michael, the brother of the American killed by Rip who now works for Muttaqi, plots revenge against him by planning to pay the ransom that Boko Haram put on Rip's head and keeping him after.

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s01e04 / Man Down

9th Feb '17 - 3:00am
Man Down

SEAL Team Six attempt to rescue Rip, as well as the kidnapped school girls and their teacher from the Boko Haram. However upon arrival in the camp, they discover the hostages gone, and the Boko Haram captors dead. They get themselves into a firefight with a group of soldiers left behind by Michael, who wounded one of the SEALs.

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s01e05 / Collateral

16th Feb '17 - 3:00am

The Team struggles with loss while Rip comes face-to-face with his new captor.

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s01e06 / Confession

23rd Feb '17 - 3:00am

SEAL Team Six makes a bold decision that could lead to Rip's rescue but could also have grave consequences.

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s01e07 / Blood Brothers

2nd Mar '17 - 3:00am
Blood Brothers

The Command has eyes on Rip and our Team plans a rescue. The team decides to risk their own careers to save Rip.

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s01e08 / End Game

9th Mar '17 - 3:00am
End Game

Our Team finally comes face-to-face with Michael and his jihadist soldiers.

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