Season 9

s09e01 / Savior

26th Sep '09 - 12:00am

Clark tells Jor-El he's ready to start his training, but Jor-El sends him back to Metropolis to cut ties with Lois before he can begin. Chloe is shocked when Lois suddenly reappears after having been missing for weeks, but Lois has no recollection of vanishing into thin air with the Legion ring. While investigating a monorail crash, Lois meets John Corben, a new reporter at the Daily Planet, with a negative attitude toward the Red-Blue Blur. Chloe begs Clark to use the Legion ring to go back in time to save Jimmy, but he refuses, driving a wedge into their friendship. Meanwhile, Oliver continues down a dark road, and Zod arrives at the Luthor mansion.

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s09e02 / Metallo

3rd Oct '09 - 12:00am

After being struck by a truck, John Corben wakes up alone in an abandoned apartment as a man-machine with a Kryptonite heart. Corben realizes he now has superhuman strength and sets out to exact revenge on the Red-Blue Blur, who he perceives to be an irresponsible vigilante. Against Clark's wishes, Lois involves herself in the Red-Blue Blur's investigation, and winds up getting kidnapped by Corben.

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s09e03 / Rabid

10th Oct '09 - 12:00am

Zod and his soldiers release a virus into the air that turns humans into zombies. The only way to stop it is to make an antidote from the blood of another Kryptonian. After Lois is infected, Chloe pleads with Clark to donate his blood to stop the epidemic, even though it risks outing him to Zod.

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s09e04 / Echo

17th Oct '09 - 12:00am

Tess forces Oliver to come to a Queen Industries gala to put the Board at ease, but things go awry when the Toyman shows up with a bomb and a plan to take revenge on Oliver. The Toyman tells Oliver he must confess to murdering Lex or he will blow the place up. Meanwhile, as part of his training, Jor-El gives Clark the ability to hear other people's thoughts.

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s09e05 / Roulette

24th Oct '09 - 12:00am

Oliver is drugged and kidnapped by a woman named Victoria AKA Roulette, who tells Oliver that he's involved in a dangerous game and must fight for his life. After Victoria shows up dead and Oliver is arrested by the police, he turns to Chloe for help. Meanwhile, Lois berates Clark for not telling her about Oliver's suicide attempt.

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s09e06 / Crossfire

31st Oct '09 - 12:00am

Oliver tries to help a young street girl, Mia AKA Speedy, get out of her dangerous life by offering to train her, but Mia double crosses him. Lois asks Clark to help her land a job as an on-air television host, but the two are shocked when the station wants to hire them as a team.

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s09e07 / Kandor

7th Nov '09 - 1:00am

Jor-El mysteriously arrives at the Kent farm searching for his son, Kal-El, but meets Chloe instead. Convinced the Blur is Jor-El, Zod enlists Tess's help in finding him to force him to reveal the secret to his powers. Clark realizes Jor-El is alive and on Earth and races to find him before Zod does.

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s09e08 / Idol

14th Nov '09 - 1:00am

Superhero twins Zan and Jayna show up in Metropolis to help The Blur fight crime but end up botching several rescues, landing Clark in hot water with the District Attorney's office. Clark decides to come forward as the Blur to clear his name.

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s09e09 / Pandora

21st Nov '09 - 1:00am

Tess takes steps to learn what Lois saw in the future: a powerless Clark subservient to Zod, and Chloe and Oliver leading a resistance group against the Kandorians.

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s09e10 / Disciple

30th Jan '10 - 1:00am

Oliver's past comes back to haunt him in the form of the Dark Archer, Oliver's former teacher, who seeks revenge on his student by taking aim at Lois and Chloe. Oliver faces down The Dark Archer after his former mentor kidnaps Mia AKA "Speedy" but is pushed to his limit and Clark races to stop him from making another deadly mistake.

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s09e11 / Absolute Justice

6th Feb '10 - 1:00am
Absolute Justice

A man named Sylvester asks Chloe and her team of superheroes for help but ends up getting attacked and killed. Clark is led to former headquarters of the Justice Society of America where he meets up with Dr. Fate, Hawkman, and Star Girl. Later on, Clark, John Jones, Green Arrow, and Chloe team up to help the JSA stop the hugger before he murders someone else in the group. Meanwhile, Lois receives a package from a mysterious agency called Checkmate.

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s09e12 / Warrior

13th Feb '10 - 1:00am

Clark meets Zatanna at a comic book convention, where she tells him her father charmed a copy of the comic book Warrior Angel and it holds magical powers. A young man named Stephen steals the comic book and develops super powers, transforming himself into Warrior Angel and saving Chloe from a horrible accident. Meanwhile, Lois becomes jealous of Clark's relationship with Zatanna.

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s09e13 / Persuasion

20th Feb '10 - 1:00am

It is Valentine's Day and while Clark is out on a date with Lois, he unknowingly becomes infected by gemstone kryptonite, which has magical wish-fulfilling properties. Clark mentions to Lois that he wishes they had a more traditional relationship,so Lois quits the Daily Planet, moves in with Clark and starts planning their wedding. Still unaware of his new power, Clark also casually tells Chloe he wishes she would spend more time watching out for him, so an infected Chloe takes his wish to heart and sets her sights on a new target – Lois.

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s09e14 / Conspiracy

27th Feb '10 - 1:00am

Bernard Chisholm, a doctor who died and was brought back to life by the Kandorians so they can experiment on him, escapes and kidnaps some Kandorians in order to prove aliens have invaded Earth. Bernard tries to get Lois to write a story validating his claim, but when Lois refuses, he kidnaps her too. In an effort to save his people, Zod poses as a reporter from the Daily Planet and uncovers Bernard's secret lab. Clark arrives at the lab just in time to see Zod get shot.

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s09e15 / Escape

3rd Apr '10 - 12:00am

Clark and Lois head out of town for a quiet romantic getaway, but their plans are thwarted when they run into Chloe and Oliver at their Bed and Breakfast Inn. The couples' awkward moment is interrupted by the arrival of the Silver Banshee, who sets her sights on Clark and Oliver. Meanwhile, Tess faces off with Zod with a surprising result.

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s09e16 / Checkmate

10th Apr '10 - 12:00am

Tess kidnaps Green Arrow and takes him to Amanda Waller, but he escapes before they can reveal who he really is. While investigating Oliver's kidnapping, Clark finds John Jones investigating the kidnapping. Waller then kidnaps and threatens to hug Chloe if Clark doesn't reveal the names and location of the Justice League.

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s09e17 / Upgrade

17th Apr '10 - 12:00am

Zod continues to pose as "The Blur" and asks Lois to investigate one of Tess' secret labs. An explosion rocks the lab, and Lois is rescued by John Corben who was a subject of multiple experiments. While investigating the explosion, Clark is exposed to red kryptonite. And infected Clark takes Zod to the Fortress. Tess turns to Chloe for help and they send in Corben to stop Clark from revealing all his secrets.

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s09e18 / Charade

24th Apr '10 - 12:00am

Lois investigates the early prison release of ex-District Attorney Raymond Sacks but he threatens her with a gun when confronted. The Blur saves her, but is captured on film by a delivery guy who plans to sell the photo to Sacks. Lois and Clark each attempt to thwart the delivery of the photo and run into Maxwell Lord, a wealthy tycoon and Checkmate operative, who is trying to learn The Blur's identity to eliminate him. Meanwhile, Chloe discovers Zod's secret.

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s09e19 / Sacrifice

1st May '10 - 12:00am

Tess tries to break into Watchtower, but inadvertently traps herself and Chloe in the security system. While Chloe tries to stop the Kandorians from downloading information from her server, Oliver pays the price when he confronts Zod, unaware that he now has superpowers.

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s09e20 / Hostage

8th May '10 - 12:00am

Much to Clark's surprise, Martha Kent returns to Smallville with her new boyfriend, Perry White in tow. Lois and Perry realize they are both working on the same story about the Red Queen, and decide to team up, which ultimately puts them in serious danger. Chloe helps Clark search for the Book of Rao, which they believe contains information on how to stop Zod and his army.

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s09e21 / Salvation

15th May '10 - 12:00am

Zod unleashes his army upon the world, forcing Chloe to call in reinforcements from old friends. Zod tells Lois he is the Blur and asks her to steal the Book of Rao from Clark. Torn between Clark and The Blur, Lois asks Clark to come clean with her about everything but he refuses.

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