Season 1

s01e01 / All That Glitters

17th Mar '17 - 3:59am
All That Glitters

With debtors at his heels, Albert Hill, son of imprisoned crime legend Vic Hill, teams up with mate Charlie Cavendish to square his bills. After the pair scrapes together a sizable sum, they wager it all on boxer Billy Ayres. But a local mobster has his own man in the ring and designs on the match.

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s01e02 / Badda Bling

18th Mar '17 - 3:59am
Badda Bling

As Albert, Charlie and Billy process their windfall, footage of the heist goes viral, reaching the eyes of Bob Fink, a dirty cop with old ties to the Hill family. Meanwhile, in a new scheme set up by Vic, the trio goes in on a diamond job for Saul Gold, a "businessman" who doesn't forgive mistakes.

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s01e03 / Going In Heavy

19th Mar '17 - 3:59am
Going In Heavy

With the clock ticking on their lives, Albert, Charlie and Billy plot to steal back Saul's diamonds, cutting in Sonny's girl Lotti as a partner. To crack Sonny's safe, Albert must track down an old family friend. Meanwhile, Fink follows clues in the heist footage back to Charlie.

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s01e04 / Across The Pond

20th Mar '17 - 3:59am
Across The Pond

Desperate to pay back Saul before time runs out, Albert, Charlie and their new ally, Chloe Koen, fly to New York to fence the gold. But a careless mistake leaves them racing all over the city to salvage the deal. Meanwhile, Billy and Lotti plot to free the safecracker Norman from Sonny's lair.

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s01e05 / The Smelt Down

21st Mar '17 - 3:59am
The Smelt Down

After patching things up with Saul, the boys get a lead on liquidating the gold bars, thanks to Chloe. But the buyer, a wealthy sheik, proves finicky. The gang must think on their feet, while at the same time eluding Fink, who is moving ever closer to their treasure.

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s01e06 / Fly Away You Nutters

22nd Mar '17 - 3:59am
Fly Away You Nutters

As the gang cools their heels at a country manor, a budding love triangle brings tensions to a boil. But the pressure to sell the gold tub forces the friends to work together. Meanwhile, Vic plots a prison escape with pal Hate 'Em, only to find a chilly homecoming awaiting him on the outside.

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s01e07 / Coming Home To Roost

23rd Mar '17 - 3:59am
Coming Home To Roost

Lotti and Sonny have the gold re-smelted while Chloe lines up a buyer. An on-the-lam Vic tries to sniff out his treasure while Albert and Lily try to keep him from getting recaptured. Drunken Charlie falls into the hands of Bob Fink, who is determined to extract the location of the gold.

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s01e08 / Pear Shaped

24th Mar '17 - 3:59am
Pear Shaped

Vic and Hate 'Em use brutish tactics to track down the location of the gold. Fink torments Charlie for information, but discovers the hard way he's not the only one with gold lust. As opposing forces converge on the gypsy camp, a misunderstanding escalates into a gunfight.

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s01e09 / Creepers

25th Mar '17 - 3:59am

As the Hill family and gang regroup, Charlie returns with news of Jones and Dwyer's plans to sell the gold. Lily wants nothing to do with it, but Albert hits on a better idea: forget the gold and grab the cash. But first, the gang will have to do some recon inside Jones's heavily guarded lodge.

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s01e10 / A Family Affair

26th Mar '17 - 3:59am
A Family Affair

Jones and Dwyer race to the Liverpool docks to rendezvous with the Corsican mob while the gang gives chase. With Vic stuck in the police van, Albert must concoct a crazy plan save his father, sabotage the Corsican deal and make off with the cash-all without getting everyone blown to bits.

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