Stan Against Evil
Season 1

s01e01 / Dig Me Up Dig Me Down

1st Nov '16 - 2:00am
Dig Me Up Dig Me Down

After the death of his wife, Sheriff Miller is forced into retirement and replaced by Evie Barret. Evie discovers the town is possessed by demons, and that Stan's wife was the only one keeping them at bay. Stan and Evie must join forces to stay alive.

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s01e02 / Know, Know, Know Your Goat

3rd Nov '16 - 2:00am
Know, Know, Know Your Goat

Stan's daughter Denise goes blueberry picking and comes home with a pet goat that turns out to be The Baphomet, an ancient, goat-based demon who wants both Stan and Dense dead. All because someone wanted blueberries.

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s01e03 / Let Your Love Groan

10th Nov '16 - 3:00am
Let Your Love Groan

Stan, Evie and Denise go speed dating and suddenly find themselves involved with their perfect match. Only they also find themselves growing weak and rapidly aging. Even Denise, who's perfect match was a pot-bellied pig named Murgatroyd.

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s01e04 / Life Orr Death

10th Nov '16 - 3:30am
Life Orr Death

Evie attempts to rescue Stan's prized possession, his Bobby Orr hockey stick, from the church donation pile, only to find herself transported into the spirit world where she too, is on trial for witchcraft.

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s01e05 / Ouija Bored

17th Nov '16 - 3:00am
Ouija Bored

A strange crop of flowers starts growing in town, with each bloom bringing a new supernatural horror. Evie attempts to summon Stan's dead wife, Claire to help her stop them.

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s01e06 / I'm Gleaning My Coven

17th Nov '16 - 3:30am
I'm Gleaning My Coven

Denise gets mixed up with a group of goth kids who come to town hoping to contact a demon. Unfortunately, they succeed, and Denise finds herself possessed by the demon and therefore not on Stan's good side.

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s01e07 / Spider Walk With Me

24th Nov '16 - 3:00am
Spider Walk With Me

A mysterious stranger shows up on Stan's door with knowledge of the curse he and Evie are fighting. At the same time, Willard's Mill residents start getting killed by a giant spider.

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s01e08 / Level Boss

24th Nov '16 - 3:30am
Level Boss

A mysterious girl runs out into the street, forcing Evie to swerve into a fatal car accident that she must relive over and over and over again.

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