Emissary, Part II Summary

Stardate 46392.7: Just after the U.S.S. Enterprise leaves Deep Space Nine, a Cardassian ship commanded by Gul Dukat, the former prefect of Bajor, arrives. In so many words, the Gul makes it known that he would like to see the orb that Sisko had been shown by Kai Opaka. Sisko balks for the moment, which gives him some time to meet with Lieutenant Dax and find out that the Denorios Belt, a plasma center in space, may lead to the answers they are looking for about the Tears of the Prophets.

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Show Summary

When the Cardassian occupation of Bajor ended in 2369, the mining space station Terok Nor was left abandoned, its systems ripped out. By invitation of the Bajoran provisional government, Starfleet stepped in to oversee the rebuilding and day-to-day operations of the newly christened Deep Space Nine.

The years of Starfleet's nonintervention into Cardassian matters, however, had taken its toll on relations with the Bajorans. Consequently, Starfleet's position was a tenuous one; many Bajorans, suspicious and hostile as a result of decades of Cardassian oppression and brutality, did not greet the Federation's presence with open arms. The Federation's assistance is put to the test as DS9 becomes a center of travel and commerce that stretches into the Gamma Quadrant.

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