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En route to exploring the Arachnid Nebula, the crew of Enterprise NX-01 is hailed by a civilian Vulcan ship. The ship's captain, Tavin, reveals that his vessel is in need of repairs. Archer offers to help, provided the Vulcans don't mind tagging along for the exploration of the nebula. While the Vulcan engineer, Kov, and Commander Tucker work together to repair the ship, Archer and T'Pol host Tavin and one of his crew, Tolaris, for dinner. Over the course of the meal, Archer and T'Pol are shocked at the emotionally pleasant and open nature of their guests. Tavin explains that he and his crew are referred to as "V'tosh ka'tur" ("Vulcans without logic") by the Vulcan elders. He clarifies that they are on a pilgrimage to explore and incorporate their emotions, to find a balance between emotion and logic.

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Star Trek: Enterprise Show Summary

Star Trek: Enterprise, a prequel set before the original series, follows the crew of Earth's first warp five starship. Lead by Jonathan Archer and his crew, the series follows their adventures as they explore never before seen parts of the galaxy, setting foot on new worlds and meeting new races, as well as some familiar ones.

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