Desert Crossing Summary

After a brief detour, Enterprise and its crew are back on their way to famed pleasure planet Risa. Everyone is eagerly anticipating a long overdue shore leave ... until they pick up a distress call from an unidentified vessel, and vacation is once again delayed. After figuring out that the vessel's warp injectors are simply clogged with plasma residue, Trip gets to work repairing the engines while Archer enjoys a visit with the ship's captain, a ruggedly charismatic alien named Zobral. Hailing from a nearby desert planet, Zobral invites Archer and Trip to his home for a dinner in their honor. Though Archer is reluctant to accept the invitation since it means delaying shore leave yet again, he eventually relents, charmed by Zobral's persistence. Later, Archer is surprised to find Trip unenthusiastic about the invitation. The chief engineer confesses that he's hated desert environments ever since their harsh survival training in the Australian outback. Archer, however, manages to convince Trip to come along.

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Star Trek: Enterprise Show Summary

Star Trek: Enterprise, a prequel set before the original series, follows the crew of Earth's first warp five starship. Lead by Jonathan Archer and his crew, the series follows their adventures as they explore never before seen parts of the galaxy, setting foot on new worlds and meeting new races, as well as some familiar ones.

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