Fight or Flight Summary

Two weeks into their first mission of deep space exploration, the Enterprise crew is still breaking in their ship and itching for first contact with another civilization. Captain Archer hears squeaking; Lt. Reed tests his weapons system on an asteroid field; Ensign Sato is trying to keep an alien slug alive; Commander Tucker tries the resequenced protein food; and Dr. Phlox is intrigued by human behavior. Sub-commander T'Pol detects a ship floating immobile in interstellar space, so Captain Archer decides to try to make contact with it. Getting no response, the crew takes a closer look at the alien vessel and sees evidence of weapons fire, and bio-scans reveal lifeforms with very low cellular activity. Over T'Pol's protestations, Archer orders Reed to prep a shuttle, and asks an apprehensive Hoshi to come along.

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Star Trek: Enterprise Show Summary

Star Trek: Enterprise, a prequel set before the original series, follows the crew of Earth's first warp five starship. Lead by Jonathan Archer and his crew, the series follows their adventures as they explore never before seen parts of the galaxy, setting foot on new worlds and meeting new races, as well as some familiar ones.

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