Horizon Summary

Enterprise reverses course to investigate a geological phenomenon - a planet that's about to be covered with erupting volcanoes. The course change will take the ship near the E.C.S. Horizon, the cargo ship where Mayweather grew up. Mayweather requests a few days off to make a family visit - he hasn't been home in several years, and his father is ill. The ensign is somewhat nervous about seeing his family - his father didn't seem to approve of his decision to leave Horizon to join Starfleet. Ultimately, Mayweather's homecoming proves to be bittersweet - when he contacts his mother, Rianna, she reveals that his father died a few weeks ago.

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Star Trek: Enterprise Show Summary

Star Trek: Enterprise, a prequel set before the original series, follows the crew of Earth's first warp five starship. Lead by Jonathan Archer and his crew, the series follows their adventures as they explore never before seen parts of the galaxy, setting foot on new worlds and meeting new races, as well as some familiar ones.

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