Retrospect Summary

Stardate: 51658.2 While Seven begins assisting a trader named Kovin in the instillation of a new weapons system on Voyager, Seven strikes Kovin after he pushes her aside. Seven begins to show signs of anxiety. The crew's investigation into Seven's erratic behavior, leads them to Kovin's lab on the planet, and what happened to Seven there.

But are the facts leading them to the right conclusion, or to a false accusation against Kovin?

Star Trek: Voyager Season 4 Episodes...

Star Trek: Voyager Show Summary

While chasing a renegade Maquis ship in the Badlands, the USS Voyager and the Maquis ship they are chasing are pulled into a vortex, which sends them instantly to the Delta Quadrant. However, after the destruction of the device that transported them to the Delta Quadrant, the crew of Voyager and the crew of the Maquis ship must join together to fight their way back to their home in the Alpha quadrant, which is many years away. They will meet many foes and many obstacles along the way, but they will also bond as a crew, between those of the Maquis and those of Starfleet.

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