Tsunkatse Summary

Stardate: 53447.2 As the Voyager crew takes some "down time" on a planet, several attend the popular game of Tsunkatse there. However, they are shocked to see Seven of Nine as one of the fighting opponents in the ring. She and Tuvok were suppose to be on an away on a separate mission to investigate a nearby micro-nebula. However, Voyager's attempts to beam her off the planet are met without success, as her physical presence appears to be being projected from another location. Seven must reluctantly fight in these matches, as Tuvok was injured during their capture, and his medical treatment is contingent on her participation in the games.

As Voyager struggles to locate Seven and Tuvok, Seven is forced to fight in a Tsunkaste match in which only one fighter can leave alive.

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Star Trek: Voyager Show Summary

While chasing a renegade Maquis ship in the Badlands, the USS Voyager and the Maquis ship they are chasing are pulled into a vortex, which sends them instantly to the Delta Quadrant. However, after the destruction of the device that transported them to the Delta Quadrant, the crew of Voyager and the crew of the Maquis ship must join together to fight their way back to their home in the Alpha quadrant, which is many years away. They will meet many foes and many obstacles along the way, but they will also bond as a crew, between those of the Maquis and those of Starfleet.

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