Errand of Mercy Summary

War breaks out between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. Spock and Kirk are sent to establish a treaty with the residents of the planet Organia, which occupies a key strategic position. The Organians are complete pacifists who reject Kirk's diplomatic overtures, saying simply that the officers do not understand them. Then the Klingons arrive and take Organians hostage to force them to obey, and Kirk and Spock must work undercover to defeat them, even as the Organians' total disinclination to defend themselves disgusts the Federation officers. Both fleets move to engage in space above Organia, as the officers on the ground below prepare to do the same. And then something happens that changes everything...

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Star Trek Show Summary

Star Trek chronicles the 23rd century adventures of the U.S.S. Enterprise, one of twelve state-of-the-art starships representing Starfleet, the exploration branch of the United Federation of Planets, an alliance of alien races including Earth, Vulcan, Tellar, and Andor.

Captain James T. Kirk, the youngest starship captain in the Fleet, commands the Enterprise with a combination of brashness, authority, and imagination. The half-Vulcan/half-human Mr. Spock serves as his extremely logical and efficient First Officer and Science Officer. The ship's chief medical officer is Dr. Leonard McCoy, who has supreme medical authority on the ship and tends to the physical and mental needs of the Enterprise's crew of approximately 430.

Other ranking crew members include: Montgomery Scott, a man dedicated to his ship engines but not adverse to a bit of shore leave; Hikaru Sulu, helmsman and a man of many hobbies ranging from botany to fencing, Nyota Uhura, the extremely competent head of Communications, and Pavel Chekov, brash young navigator with a fierce pride in his native Russia.

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