My New Wand! Summary

As Marco gets out of the shower, Star activates her new wand, but it accidentally knocks Marco, her wand, and her book of spells into her closet. Unable to open the door, Star consults with Glossaryck who suggests she dig deep into her soul to find a solution. Meanwhile, as Marco is advised by Glossaryck to sort out the secrets and stuff in Star's closet. When he finds and starts reading Star's diary, Star panics and unleashes her innate magic, which blasts the door open.

Star vs. the Forces of Evil Season 2 Episodes...

Star vs. the Forces of Evil Show Summary

After having skirmished with a number of dangerous monsters, Star Butterfly arrives on Earth to live with the Diaz family. However, rather than living a normal life, Star continues on having to battle villains both throughout the universe and in their high school, although if only to protect her extremely powerful wand, an object which she is still confused with.

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