Star vs. the Forces of Evil
Season 4

s04e01 / Butterfly Follies

10th Mar '19 - 11:30pm
Butterfly Follies

Eclipsa is now the queen of Mewni, after Star willingly ceded the throne. Under her rule, the living conditions of the monsters have greatly improved. However, the Mewmen parts of the kingdom have fallen into disrepair and the people blame the royal family for their situation. Star, River and Marco, meanwhile, have been searching for Moon, but to no avail. They receive a tip that she is at a local "Pie Festival", only for it to turn out to be yet another false lead. However, afterwards they discover that the pies from the festival were made using Moon's recipe, finally giving them a genuine clue.

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s04e02 / Escape from the Pie Folk

10th Mar '19 - 11:45pm
Escape from the Pie Folk

Star, Marco, and River arrive at the home of the Pie Folk, only to immediately be captured. Fortunately, they are rescued by Foolduke and Ruberiot and continue their search for Moon. They eventually find her, still suffering from amnesia, magically making pies for the Pie Folk. They attempt to escape with her, but are stopped by the Pie King, who reveals Moon and Star's ancestor, Queen Festivia, to have been a Pie, making them half-Pie. Due to her amnesia, Moon initially opts to stay with the Pies, until she regains some of her memories after she and Star sing together. They then flee with the Pies giving chase, not wanting to lose the revenue from Moon's pies. In the end, they all escape by hot air balloon with Foolduke and Ruberiot and Moon promises Star and River that everything will be.

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s04e03 / Moon Remembers

17th Mar '19 - 11:30pm
Moon Remembers

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s04e04 / Swim Suit

17th Mar '19 - 11:45pm
Swim Suit

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s04e05 / Ransomgram

18th Mar '19 - 12:00am

Coming Soon...

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s04e06 / Lake House Fever

18th Mar '19 - 12:15am
Lake House Fever

Coming Soon...

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s04e07 / Yada Yada Berries

24th Mar '19 - 11:30pm

s04e08 / Down by the River

24th Mar '19 - 11:45pm

s04e09 / The Ponyhead Show!

25th Mar '19 - 12:00am

s04e10 / Surviving the Spiderbites

25th Mar '19 - 12:15am

s04e11 / Out of Business

31st Mar '19 - 11:30pm

s04e12 / Kelly's World

31st Mar '19 - 11:45pm

s04e13 / Curse of the Blood Moon

1st Apr '19 - 12:00am
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