Knives Summary

While the Lucianis seek revenge, funds are questioned in the Vatican. Tronto and Fiorenzo have a shocking confrontation. Cinaglia plays a desperate move.

Suburraeterna Season 1 Episodes...

Suburraeterna Show Summary

Rome, 2011. The government is in danger of falling, the Vatican is in crisis and the squares of the city are literally set on fire. In the middle world Cinaglia has tried to take up the legacy of Samurai and, together with Badali, continues to manage the criminal affairs of the city, with the help of Adelaide and Angelica, who remained at the head of the Anacleti, and of Nadia, who helps manage the squares of Ostia. But there are those who no longer accept this system. New protagonists will take the field, upsetting the balance of Rome: thus begins a revolution which, from the Church to the Campidoglio and up to the beaches of Ostia, expands rapidly to erase everything that represents the past. Spadino will therefore be forced to return home, to prevent his family from being endangered along with everything else, and to look for new allies, even where he never thought he'd find them... But war is war and up for grabs is control of Rome.

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