The Strongest Man Alive Summary

After returning from Tribal Council, "Coach" is upset that Erinn singled out Brendan as the tribe's leader. The next morning the tribe continues to talk about who should be the leader. On Jalapao, Taj puts her "Exile Island Alliance" plan into action by talking to Stephen and including him in the alliance along with Brendan and Sierra from Timbira. Jalapao wins the Reward Challenge allowing them to raid the other tribe's campsite. Two Jalapao members arrive at Timbira and take one bag of beans and a water canteen. But Sandy thinks they should have grabbed Timbira's second bag of beans instead of a canteen. She then notices that Sydney is using her charm to flirt in order to stay in the game. Timbira wins the Immunity Challenge, sending Jalapao into a frenzy before Tribal Council. Half of the tribe believe Sydney is not pulling her weight at challenges, while the other half think Sandy has gotten too annoying.

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Survivor Show Summary

The rules of this game are simple: average Americans are abandoned in the middle of some of the most unforgiving places on earth. Divided into teams, they particiapte in challenges and every three days, the losing tribe must trek to Tribal Council to vote out one of their own. Halfway through the game, the game shifts to individual competitions when the tribes merge and become one, making the game every man for himself.

The game is simple: Outwit, Outplay, Outlast, by winning Immunity, thus not being eligible to have votes cast against yourself. However, the players must be careful about who they send packing - after the merge, a jury of seven begins to form, and each week they return to watch the Tribal Council ceremony. At the end of the game, they vote for one of the members of the final two to win One Million Dollars. Who will become the next Survivor?

Generally, each season begins with a twist - something different to surprise the new castaways. Survivor is a game of adaptation, and the final two of each season, listed below, were the players most able to adapt to their surroundings and to the people they are playing with. Survivor focuses on the people, and the social commentary that surrounds them. How can these players Outwit, Outplay, and Outlast is the question that the game revolves around.

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