Season 8

s08e01 / Survivorman and Son: Tofino

20th Jun '16 - 12:00am
Survivorman and Son: Tofino

Les and his 16-year-old son Logan find themselves trapped without supplies and without a way home while sea kayaking along the coastline of British Columbia. Staying hydrated, fed and warm takes on a whole new meaning with Logan by his side. Lack of food, unsafe water and inclement weather can wreak havoc on the body - let alone one's mood. Logan's better at video games than survival and better at hockey than starting a fire. Distraction can cause mistakes... and mistakes can be very costly.

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s08e02 / Survivorman and Son: Wabakimi

20th Jun '16 - 1:00am
Survivorman and Son: Wabakimi

Les and Logan set out for a father/son fishing trip in a tin boat. Stranded after their motor dies, Les and Logan are quickly plunged into an intense survival situation that could happen to any summer cottager. This father/son team must work together to stay hydrated, secure food, make shelter and flag down a rescue plane. Les gets creative using bug spray as a fire-starter. Father/son dynamics effect their decision-making.

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s08e03 / Survivorman and Son: Ecuador

20th Jun '16 - 2:00am
Survivorman and Son: Ecuador

Father and son embark on a photography expedition deep in the Ecuadorian jungle but when the tour guide doesn't return, Les and Logan must put their wills of survival to the ultimate test...

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s08e04 / Survivorman and Son: Mongolia

20th Jun '16 - 3:00am
Survivorman and Son: Mongolia

Les returns to Mongolia after surviving a near-fatal car crash the year before with his son Logan, a recent cancer-survivor.

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