Sweet Magnolias
Season 2

s02e01 / Casseroles and Casualties

5th Feb '22 - 4:59am
Casseroles and Casualties

In the waiting room, the families gather for news from the doctors, and Ty's plans for the season change. Over margaritas, Helen shares an announcement.

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s02e02 / So Much to Say

6th Feb '22 - 4:59am
So Much to Say

Helen helps Isaac in his search for answers, Dana Sue's restaurant hits a financial hiccup, and Maddie tries to find out what happened with her son.

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s02e03 / The More Things Change

7th Feb '22 - 4:59am
The More Things Change

While Coach Cal and Ty work through disappointments, a new kind of heartbreak hits Helen, and Dana Sue gets a late-night visitor on her front porch.

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s02e04 / Walk of Faith

8th Feb '22 - 4:59am
Walk of Faith

The questions keep coming as Maddie investigates the lot behind the spa and Helen looks for clues in what Isaac's birth mother left behind.

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s02e05 / Great Expectations

9th Feb '22 - 4:59am
Great Expectations

Dana Sue's relationships become the talk of Serenity social media. Maddie uncovers who's behind the town's parking problem - bless their hearts.

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s02e06 / Find it in Your Heart

10th Feb '22 - 4:59am
Find it in Your Heart

When the mayor won't see them, the Magnolias take their plans to the next level. At karaoke, Helen and Erik give the town something to talk about.

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s02e07 / Fragile Things

11th Feb '22 - 4:59am
Fragile Things

New beginnings abound as Serenity welcomes Noreen's baby, Isaac's birth mother tells him her whole story, and Erik reveals his painful past to Helen.

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s02e08 / The Rules of the Game

12th Feb '22 - 4:59am
The Rules of the Game

As the recall petition quickly picks up steam, Maddie and Cal attend a black-tie charity fundraiser and Ronnie presses Dana Sue to make up her mind.

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s02e09 / Dear Heart

13th Feb '22 - 4:59am
Dear Heart

Friends gather to plan a celebration of life. Meanwhile, counseling is off to a rocky start for Ronnie and Dana Sue, and Isaac meets his birth father.

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s02e10 / If Thou Wilt, Remember

14th Feb '22 - 4:59am
If Thou Wilt, Remember

More than margaritas are shaken up as Cal's past resurfaces, an unsavory acquaintance returns to Serenity, and Helen faces a life-changing decision.

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