Sweet Tooth
Season 3

s03e01 / The Beginning Is Also the End

7th Jun '24 - 3:59am
The Beginning Is Also the End Summary

Gus and his cohorts set out for Alaska to reconnect with Birdie, who's working on a cure for the Sick. But first, they test their luck at an old casino.

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s03e02 / Thank God I'm a Country Boy

8th Jun '24 - 3:59am
Thank God I'm a Country Boy Summary

After a doctor joins Gus and his crew, they seek a way to the coast and stumble upon a plane owned by a family in desperate need of medical attention.

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s03e03 / The Pack

9th Jun '24 - 3:59am
The Pack Summary

As Gus learns more about a threat and their dangerous plans, the group races to catch a departing boat. Jepperd and Becky face an impossible decision.

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s03e04 / Beyond the Sea

10th Jun '24 - 3:59am
Beyond the Sea Summary

An unsettling discovery at sea forces Gus to take on a grim chore as tensions swell between his companions. On land, an enemy interrogates Becky.

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s03e05 / The Tail-Tale Heart

11th Jun '24 - 3:59am
The Tail-Tale Heart Summary

As polar night looms, Gus and his crew arrive at the outpost - but they're not alone. To find Birdie and the cave, they must brave several obstacles.

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s03e06 / Here, There Be Monsters

12th Jun '24 - 3:59am
Here, There Be Monsters Summary

After a daring rescue, Gus meets an individual well-versed in hybrid history. Amid emotional reunions and eerie revelations, all roads lead to the cave.

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s03e07 / The Road Ends Here

13th Jun '24 - 3:59am
The Road Ends Here Summary

With loved ones beside him, Gus goes on a treacherous journey into the cave to find a cure once and for all. Meanwhile, chaos breaks out at the outpost.

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s03e08 / This Is a Story

14th Jun '24 - 3:59am
This Is a Story Summary

After suffering an unimaginable loss, Gus must make a choice that will determine the fate of humans and hybrids. Who will be left to tell their story?

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