Series 1, Episode 6 Summary

Brace tells Delaney that his mother was confined to a mental asylum after she attempted to drown him and that his father had saved his life. Zilpha murders Thorne and his inactive person is disposed of by Dumbarton. Ibbotson takes confession but the priest is in the employ of the Company. The gunpowder is not found and is successfully transported to the dock, but the Company destroy Delaney's ship. Delaney gets hopelessly drunk, and on recovering, he finds Winter's inactive person. Chichester continues his investigation into the Company's corruptness discovering that the name of the slave ship had been changed and was registered as being empty; that it was staffed it with a skeleton crew; and that Stuart Strange's own brother owned a sugar plantation in Antigua.

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Taboo Show Summary

Set in 1813, Taboo follows James Keziah Delaney who returns from Africa with 14 ill-gotten diamonds and seeking to avenge his father's death. Refusing to sell the family business to the East India Company, he sets out to build his own trade and shipping empire and finds himself playing a dangerous game with two warring nations, Britain and America.

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