Series 1, Episode 8 Summary

The time of reckoning arrives for both James Delaney and his nemesis Sir Stuart Strange, as Delaney confronts the East India Company chairman with the cold, hard truth. All the while, Delaney conspires to escape his circumstances, but as the enmity of the Prince Regent turns to lethal fury, the Crown unleashes one final, destructive plan. Time is running out for all three major players, and old scores must be settled - with all tragic consequences borne.

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Taboo Show Summary

Set in 1813, Taboo follows James Keziah Delaney who returns from Africa with 14 ill-gotten diamonds and seeking to avenge his father's death. Refusing to sell the family business to the East India Company, he sets out to build his own trade and shipping empire and finds himself playing a dangerous game with two warring nations, Britain and America.

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