Talking Dead
Season 3

s03e01 / 30 Days Without an Accident

14th Oct '13 - 2:00am
30 Days Without an Accident

Guests: Castle's Nathan Fillion and Walking Dead Executive Producer Scott Gimple.

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s03e02 / Infected

21st Oct '13 - 2:00am

Greg Nicotero, Doug Benson and Hayley Williams discuss the episode "Infected".

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s03e03 / Isolation

28th Oct '13 - 2:00am

Marilyn Manson, Jack Osbourne and Gale Anne Hurd discuss the episode "Isolation".

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s03e04 / Indifference

4th Nov '13 - 3:00am

Gillian Jacobs and Chris Jericho discuss the episode "Indifference".

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s03e05 / Internment

11th Nov '13 - 3:00am

Adam Savage and Breckin Meyer discuss the episode "Internment".

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s03e06 / Live Bait

18th Nov '13 - 3:00am
Live Bait

Actor Ike Barinholtz and "The Governor" David Morrissey discuss the episode "Live Bait".

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s03e07 / Dead Weight

25th Nov '13 - 3:00am
Dead Weight

Paul Scheer, Fred Armisen, and Jose Pablo Cantillo join host Chris Hardwick to discuss The Walking Dead episode "Dead Weight".

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s03e08 / Too Far Gone

2nd Dec '13 - 3:00am
Too Far Gone

Robert Kirkman, Lauren Cohan, and Scott Wilson join host Chris Hardwick to discuss The Walking Dead season 4 episode "Too Far Gone".

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s03e09 / After

10th Feb '14 - 3:00am

Greg Nicotero and Danai Gurira joins host Chris Hardwick to discuss the night's mid-season opener, "After".

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s03e10 / Inmates

17th Feb '14 - 3:00am

The "Inmates" episode is discussed. Guests include cast member Alanna Masterson; TV anchor Joe Kernen; and comedian Jim Gaffigan.

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s03e11 / Claimed

24th Feb '14 - 3:00am

Mindy Kaling and new survivor Abraham Ford himself, Michael Cudlitz, will join host Chris Hardwick to discuss The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 11, "Claimed".

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s03e12 / Still

3rd Mar '14 - 3:00am

Norman Reedus, Emily Kinney and J.B. Smoove discuss the episode "Still".

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s03e13 / Alone

10th Mar '14 - 2:00am

Cast Members and Guests discuss the episode "Alone".

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s03e14 / The Grove

17th Mar '14 - 2:00am
The Grove

Yvette Nicole Brown, CM Punk and Melissa McBride discuss the episode "The Grove".

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s03e15 / Us

24th Mar '14 - 2:00am

The actors who play Glenn and Dr. Eugene Porter join Chris Hardwick to discuss Episode 15, "Us".

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s03e16 / A

31st Mar '14 - 2:00am

Executive producer Scott M. Gimple and Andrew Lincoln discuss "A".

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