Season 3

s03e01 / Pea in a Haystack

4th Oct '16 - 10:00pm
Pea in a Haystack

Greg Davies sets bewilderingly brilliant tasks - involving vegetable propulsion, snowmen and Swedes - to five celebs, including Al Murray and Dave Gorman.

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s03e02 / The Dog and the Gong

11th Oct '16 - 10:00pm
The Dog and the Gong

Greg Davies thinks outside the box - or inside a cement-filled shoebox in Rob Beckett's case - as he sets nutty tasks. Dave Gorman gets all bitey!.

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s03e03 / Little Polythene Grief Cave

18th Oct '16 - 10:00pm
Little Polythene Grief Cave

Sadistic Mr Gilbert in the Inbetweeners, Greg Davies takes just as much pleasure from torturing celebs. Al Murray is confronted with an eggcup!.

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s03e04 / A Very Nuanced Character

25th Oct '16 - 10:00pm
A Very Nuanced Character

Greg Davies dishes out surreal tasks to celebs. The comics have to hand an item of clothing to a cyclist and grill an 83-year-old man called Hugh!.

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s03e05 / The F.I.P.

1st Nov '16 - 10:00pm
The F.I.P.

Exasperated comics are set absurd tasks! Before the series winner is crowned, we find out which celeb has the dishiest relative and why Rob Beckett is mad at peas.

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