The Starzl Mutation Summary

As a wedding present, a 4400 gives Shawn a cigar that will allow him to see the future. Shawn uses it but has visions of the gruesome results of both marrying and not marrying Isabelle. Meanwhile, Tom and Diana try to find a hugger that has somehow gained a 4400 ability.

The 4400 Season 3 Episodes...

The 4400 Show Summary

The 4400 tells the stories of 4,400 people who disappeared over a period of fifty years and who all reappear at the exact same time without any memory of where they've been and what happened to them. Some of them have been altered and have strange abilities, both good and bad.

The series kicks off with a ball of light sailing toward Earth, but rather than the expected catastrophic event, thousands of people emerge from the ball of light. The returnees have been missing from a few years to several decades and no one has aged a day.

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