Such a Nice Pheremone Smell to You; Just Makes Me Want to Stay Close to You Summary

The teams begin at their Pit Stop in Seoul, South Korea and receive a clue that takes them to a task that involves traditional South Korean kites. Phil helpfully narrates that one of the teams will be eliminated in this leg. The teams all complete the kite task, although some have more difficulty than others. The clue they receive tells them to make their way to Brisbane, Australia, over 7,000 miles away. All teams pull even when they find out the airport doesn't open until 6:00 A.M. However, believing they are in last place, David and Jeff consider the Fast Forward. At the airport, the teams find a number of options for flights. Kelly and Jon, David and Jeff and Reichen and Chip all end up on the same flight together, but Jon and Al chose a different flight and it gets delayed by fog, forcing it to take off after every other flight in the line. Jon and Al try to beg their way onto the other flight, but are told that due to security reasons, it can't accept passengers at the last minute. Jon and Al finally find a direct flight to Australia and hope that something happens to delay the other flight. They perform clown tricks to relieve their stress in the meantime. In Australia, David and Jeff immediately head for the Fast Forward, while Reichen and Chip and Kelly and Jon head for the next clue. It's a Detour: Face First or Feet First. Face First involves rappelling down a high-rise building. It's fast, but could prove very scary. In Feet First, they must spot a clue on a nearby building and then walk to it. The task is not scary, but since it may include walking all the way to the top of the lofty building, it could take a long time and would prove to be exhausting. Both teams opt for Face First, although Kelly is worried because she broke her hand in the previous leg's Detour. As both teams work to complete the task, Jon and Al are just leaving South Korea. David and Jeff arrive at the Fast Forward, which involves rescuing a "drowning victim" and then bringing her back to the beach. It's more difficult than they thought, as they face strong waves and the woman they're trying to rescue is heavy. Back at the Detour, Kelly is having second thoughts about rappelling the building. Chip and Jon have already done it, so now it's time for her and Reichen to go. Kelly ends up getting stuck and panics. She finally works her way down and eventually Jon is able to reach her and lower her to safety. Both teams must now take a marked car to a place called UnderWater World, 43 miles away. David and Jeff finally claim the Fast Forward, which tells them to go to the Mooloolaba Yacht Club, the next Pit Stop. Jon and Al finally arrive at the Detour and choose Face First. At the aquarium, the teams face a Roadblock, "just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water." One member from each team will have to walk through an aquarium tank to get a clue. The catch is that the tank is teeming with marine life, including over one hundred sharks. Jon handles the task with relative calmness, but Reichen is rather scared. Still, he makes slow progress and he completes the task, not long after Jon does. The clue they receive directs them to walk to the Pit Stop. The last team to check in will be eliminated. Kelly and Jon, seeing that the clue specifies transportation by foot, make a break for the Pit Stop. Reichen and Chip, however, looking for an advantage, decide that they had best drive. David and Jeff are the first team at the Pit Stop, having claimed the Fast Forward. Phil congratulates them, saying that they're in the final three and they've also won a vacation. Reichen and Chip hit the mat and are told that they're the second team to arrive... However, they chose to drive to the Pit Stop instead of walk. They've been assessed a five minute penalty for the time they gained, in addition to the mandatory 30 minute minimum penalty. They'll have to wait at the Pit Stop and see if both of the remaining two teams arrive within 35 minutes. Kelly and Jon arrive third, within time to actually place second. Jon and Al complete the underwater tank challenge and head for the Pit Stop. They arrive last and are informed that although Reichen and Chip received a 35 minute time penalty, it's not enough. They're both eliminated from the race.

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Season 4 Episode 11 of The Amazing Race resulted in a 0.00 rating in the 18-49 demographic.

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The Amazing Race Show Summary

The Amazing Race is an adventure reality show hosted by Phil Keoghan that pits 10, 11, or 12 teams of 2 or 4 people against each other in a race around the world for approximately 40 days. In a leg, they go to destinations where they will complete a roadblock, a task where 1 person completes (Season 1-7) or 2 people (Season 8), a detour, where you have to decide between two tasks that are usually opposite of each other, and a miscellaneous task.

After they complete all these tasks, they will be directed to go to a Pit stop where they will have a 24 hour rest period where they will be able to eat, drink, sleep, and mingle with other teams. The last team to check into the Pit Stop usually is eliminated, but sometimes there is a non-elimination leg in which no one is eliminated. After all teams are eliminated except for 3, these three race to the finish line where the winning team wins 1 million dollars.

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