One of You, I'm Gonna Break in Half Summary

The teams receive a clue over the Internet at the Net Klub Cafe and opening times allow Lori and Bolo to catch up.

The race continues at the Heritage Rail Museum where one racer is sent into a fury after being hit in the head by a gate. Once teams were signed in by order of departure, they had to ride a train down an old track to receive their next clue. Teams discover a Fast Forward clue, this is is the first of only two on this season and teams were could only use it once during the race. In this Fast Forward teams had to take part in the Legend of the Vampire, drink a glass of pig's blood in order to retrieve the Fast Forward award. One team successfully completed it allowing them to go directly to the next Pit Stop.

The rest of the teams make a Detour choice between either Swim or Paddle. Swimming involves scoring a goal at water polo, while the Paddle option requires the team to use a hand-pump to inflate a raft and then paddle across the Danube. All teams except one opted for the Swimming choice and it proved to be the easiest and quicker one of the two.

Later, a Roadblock forces several racers to eat a bowl of extremely spicy soup causing some team members to throw up from the spices.

In the end of a long leg, things are very close as two teams race to reach the Pit Stop in order to stay in the game but one was eliminated.

Episode Viewers and Ratings

Season 6 Episode 8 of The Amazing Race resulted in a 0.00 rating in the 18-49 demographic.

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The Amazing Race Show Summary

The Amazing Race is an adventure reality show hosted by Phil Keoghan that pits 10, 11, or 12 teams of 2 or 4 people against each other in a race around the world for approximately 40 days. In a leg, they go to destinations where they will complete a roadblock, a task where 1 person completes (Season 1-7) or 2 people (Season 8), a detour, where you have to decide between two tasks that are usually opposite of each other, and a miscellaneous task.

After they complete all these tasks, they will be directed to go to a Pit stop where they will have a 24 hour rest period where they will be able to eat, drink, sleep, and mingle with other teams. The last team to check into the Pit Stop usually is eliminated, but sometimes there is a non-elimination leg in which no one is eliminated. After all teams are eliminated except for 3, these three race to the finish line where the winning team wins 1 million dollars.

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