Advertising - Cactus Shampoo Summary

The candidates are summoned to the Barbican Conservatory, where Lord Sugar tells them that for their next task they must create a new shampoo brand and design an advertising campaign to promote it. The product's unique selling point - its key ingredient is cactus-seed oil. Teams need to design packaging, film a TV advert and create an eye-catching digital billboard, all before pitching the whole campaign to a panel of leading industry experts.

The Apprentice (UK) Season 11 Episodes...

The Apprentice (UK) Show Summary

The Apprentice sees fourteen candidates, competing against each other for a position at Lord Alan Sugar's company. Each week the candidates take part in a task set by Lord Sugar. Each team will have a Team Leader who managers that group for that task.

The team that performs the best will win a reward and avoid the boardroom. The losing team will be summoned to the boardroom where their team leader will be forced to pick two people in their team who we join them in the boardroom and a chance to be fired.

After twelve weeks Lord Sugar will be left with his Apprentice, who will work for him at a salary of £100,000. Lord Sugar is very busy so he has Nick and Karen, who act as his eyes and ears, to inform him of what's going on.

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