Week 3 (Season 2) Summary

Chris tells the men what's on tap for the next few dates â- a one-on-one date, a two-on-one date, and a seven-on-one date. He then tells them they've used the compatibility tests the men took earlier as the criteria for these dates, and Ian has been chosen as the lucky recipient of the one-on-one date.
First On-One Date: Chinatown With: Ian Meredith arrives to pick Ian up, and she confesses that she's very much looking forward to being with Ian. In the limo, Ian and Meredith bond when Ian tells Meredith he lost his mother when he was only three years old. They arrive in Chinatown and have some fun taking in the sites on the way to dinner. Over their meal, Ian tells Meredith that he wants to be married and have children, but if he's not feeling it, it won't happen.
They then sit out by the Chinatown Wishing Well, where they kiss. Meredith admits she doesn't know where he came from, but she's looking forward to getting to know him better. Ian also confesses that he really wants a rose

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The Bachelorette Show Summary

The Bachelorette is the female version of The Bachelor, where an eligible bachelorette must find true love among a group of guys, one rose at a time.

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