The Birthday Boys
Season 1

s01e01 / Paychecks!

19th Oct '13 - 2:30am

In the premiere of the sketch-comedy series, nerdy inventors would rather hang out in a souped-up garage than work on the personal computer they developed. Also, a magical automobile cruises to the Land of Pretend.

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s01e02 / Goofy Roofers

26th Oct '13 - 2:30am
Goofy Roofers

The ups and downs of a group of residential roofers whose antics got them an American sitcom; a moronic rap-rocker who sings about America's problems-only to discover he can't find any; Laraine Newman; French Stewart.

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s01e03 / Catching up on Shows

2nd Nov '13 - 2:30am
Catching up on Shows

Tim gets confused trying to keep up with the complicated story lines of TV shows including a variety show; teens dare each other to inspect an old hermit's cabin, but are horrified when they look at the old man's website.

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s01e04 / Rock and Roll

9th Nov '13 - 3:30am
Rock and Roll

Interviews with the modern giants of Rock, Rap, and Dubstep about the foundation of all modern popular music; one of the wildest bachelor parties of all time; Ben Stiller.

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s01e05 / Cool Machine

16th Nov '13 - 3:30am
Cool Machine

The development of a scientific contraption that promises to turn the guys into cool versions of themselves; a sneak peek into the underground world of Amish juicing.

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s01e06 / Helpful Tips

23rd Nov '13 - 3:30am
Helpful Tips

The seven Pinkus brothers, owners and founders of The 7 Brothers' Brewery. Their love of beer-making includes backstroking through their vats of beer; the shady world of pool hustlers.

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s01e07 / Skewered!

30th Nov '13 - 3:30am

A man who discovered flight before the Wright Brothers-only to be mocked because his flying machine looked funny and got lost in the mix of goofier inventions; The Birthday Boys review today's hot-button topics.

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s01e08 / All Your Favorites Are Back

7th Dec '13 - 3:30am
All Your Favorites Are Back

The Birthday Boys are booked on a comedy event proclaiming that All Your Favorites Are Back! The line-up goes on and on and on; a restaurant owner who puts more care into advertising the price of the food than the meal itself.

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s01e09 / Going All the Way

14th Dec '13 - 3:30am
Going All the Way

The Birthday Boys revisit their High School days with a pact to each lose their virginity before they graduate that they made on graduation day; a student brings his Dad to the prom; a pseudo-intellectual evaluates the Contemporary Family.

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s01e10 / Dumb Public

21st Dec '13 - 3:30am
Dumb Public

A visit with Glanard Frugner, the worst animator of all time, and are introduced to some of his less than legendary creations; an evaluation how smart the public is.

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