The Bold Type
Season 4

s04e01 / Legends of the Fall Issue

24th Jan '20 - 2:00am
Legends of the Fall Issue

Scarlet reels over their new dynamic, forcing everyone to adjust. Jane tries to cope with the changes to Jacqueline's role at the magazine, and joins forces with Kat and Sutton to make it clear how much she means to them. Sutton takes stock of her position at Scarlet, as Richard considers a world outside it. And Kat butts heads with RJ Safford over response to the new direction of the magazine.

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s04e02 / #scarlet

31st Jan '20 - 2:00am

Kat is faced with a past regret when she crosses paths with a closeted singer who had asked for help in coming out. Jane has her first mammogram and spirals into anxiety waiting for the results - and how Ryan fits into it. Sutton and Richard's long-distance relationship hits a snag. And the trio discovers a secret about one of their coworkers.

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s04e03 / Marathon

7th Feb '20 - 2:00am

Kat goes out of her way to help a transgender runner get into the New York City Marathon, while Jane and Ryan try a different kind of marathon to rebuild their relationship; Jacqueline's new situation at work leads to tension with her husband.

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s04e04 / Babes in Toyland

14th Feb '20 - 2:00am
Babes in Toyland

Jane volunteers to write a story about a sex club; Kat's latest crusade to save a female-oriented sex toy company could lead her to begin dating again; Sutton has doubts about how to kick off her plan to get promoted.

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s04e05 / Tearing Down the Donut Wall

21st Feb '20 - 2:00am
Tearing Down the Donut Wall

Jane's story on millennial weddings comes to a halt when she uncovers a secret about Jacqueline; Sutton helps Carly take on her school uniform policy without running it by Oliver; Kat finds uncomplicated dating more complicated than she thought.

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s04e06 / To Peg or Not to Peg

28th Feb '20 - 2:00am
To Peg or Not to Peg

Kat considers her feelings on preconceived gender roles in the bedroom; Jane feels like a fraud when asked to speak at a wellness seminar while struggling with a sudden feminine health problem; Sutton tries to bond with Richard's mother.

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s04e07 / The Space Between

6th Mar '20 - 2:00am
The Space Between

Kat and Adena need to work together on a Scarlet project, which becomes tense when Adena learns about Kat's recent romantic relationships. Sutton earns her first solo styling gig, hoping it leads to being a fashion influencer. Jane makes a decision about her health concerning her BRCA-1 status.

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s04e08 / Stardust

13th Mar '20 - 1:00am

Jane is overjoyed when her brother Evan comes to town, and she introduces him to Ryan. Adena turns to Kat for help in dealing with RJ, which causes more trouble between Kat and the board. Richard returns from San Francisco, allowing him and Sutton to dive into wedding plans.

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s04e09 / 5, 6, 7, 8

20th Mar '20 - 1:00am
5, 6, 7, 8

Jane decides to throw Sutton an epic bachelorette party, but the bride can't quite bring herself to enjoy the festivities. Kat learns surprising info about RJ, which leads her to question the company's morals. Jane gets career news while facing some devastating personal issues.

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s04e10 / Some Kind of Wonderful

27th Mar '20 - 1:00am
Some Kind of Wonderful

Sutton and Richard's wedding day is here, and Sutton is faced with a big decision. Jane tries to celebrate her friends while struggling to process recent discoveries. Kat's continuing crusade against the board has unexpected and life-altering consequences.

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