The Circus
Season 7

s07e01 / On The Brink

7th Mar '22 - 1:00am
On The Brink

The Circus returns with the world on edge following Russia's invasion of Ukraine. John Heilemann reports from on the ground in neighboring Poland with U.S. Ambassador Mark Brzezinski; Jennifer Palmieri is at the White House with Press Secretary Jen Psaki immediately following President Biden's first State of the Union address; plus, Alex Wagner examines the escalating standoff between Presidents Biden and Putin and Mark McKinnon looks at the political tensions on Capitol Hill amidst the evolving crisis. Season premiere.

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s07e02 / The Escalation Ladder

14th Mar '22 - 12:00am
The Escalation Ladder

With the situation on the ground in Ukraine growing increasingly dire, The Circus explores what more the U.S. and its allies can do. As Secretary of State Antony Blinken travels to Estonia, John Heilemann speaks with Prime Minister Kaja Kallas about fears Putin could strike a NATO nation next. Plus, Mark McKinnon explores President Biden's response with Senator Mitt Romney; Alex Wagner interviews Ukrainian parliament member Oleksandra Ustinova; and Jennifer Palmieri speaks with officials about the threat Putin now poses to the world.

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s07e03 / The Information War

21st Mar '22 - 12:00am
The Information War

As Russia escalates its assault, Ukraine's President delivers an impassioned address to Congress. Jennifer Palmieri and Mark McKinnon are on Capitol Hill speaking with lawmakers immediately after Zelenskyy's emotional plea to "close the sky" over Ukraine. Plus, Alex Wagner and John Heilemann examine the information war, including the sophisticated Russian disinformation campaign infiltrating American media and Putin's draconian crackdown on dissent and free speech inside Russia.

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s07e04 / The Nuclear Option

28th Mar '22 - 12:00am
The Nuclear Option

As President Biden travels to Brussels for an emergency NATO summit, The Circus examines Russia's threats of using nuclear weapons. Jennifer Palmieri speaks to Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby about the U.S. response to Putin's nuclear saber-rattling; John Heilemann games out war simulations with one of the world's foremost experts on nuclear weapons, Zia Mian; and Alex Wagner assesses Putin's motives with former Russian Foreign Minister Andrei Kozyrev.

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s07e05 / The Home Front

4th Apr '22 - 12:00am
The Home Front

The Circus tracks the dramatic developments out of the House committee investigating the forces behind the unhappy January 6 insurrection. Jennifer Palmieri and Mark McKinnon speak with members of the committee after voting to hold two of former President Donald Trump's aides in contempt; Alex Wagner talks with Bob Woodward and Robert Costa on their bombshell reporting about the White House call log from the day of the Capitol attack; and John Heilemann examines the growing pressure on the Justice Department to investigate Trump's activities.

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s07e06 / There Will Be Blood

11th Apr '22 - 12:00am
There Will Be Blood

As the President's historic nominee for the Supreme Court is confirmed, The Circus examines Biden's successes, failures and plunging poll numbers. John Heilemann, Alex Wagner, Mark McKinnon and Jennifer Palmieri dig into the dissatisfaction within the Democratic base and the party's prospects for the midterms; Representatives Stephanie Murphy and Ted Lieu share their differing strategies for Democrats to keep control of Congress; and The Circus speaks with the White House team behind Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's momentous confirmation.

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s07e07 / Keystone Chaos

18th Apr '22 - 12:00am
Keystone Chaos

The Circus is on the ground in the critical swing state of Pennsylvania to cover one of the most consequential Senate races in the nation. John Heilemann, Alex Wagner, Mark McKinnon and Jennifer Palmieri report on the heated competition as former president Donald Trump weighs in with a surprise endorsement. Republican and Democratic candidates speak with The Circus about the final, frantic weeks of the primary.

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s07e08 / Tip of the Spear

25th Apr '22 - 12:00am
Tip of the Spear

The Circus travels to Florida as Governor Ron DeSantis signs controversial laws on education, gender, and abortion. John Heilemann, Alex Wagner, Mark McKinnon and Jennifer Palmieri explore how the Sunshine State has become the central battlefield of an American culture war that includes a conservative effort to strike math textbooks due to "prohibited topics", the fallout from the so-called "Don't Say Gay" law, and a rapidly escalating feud between Disney and state Republicans.

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