The Class Goes Trick-Or-Treating Summary

Perry convinces Holly that in order to impress the news team's brass, she needs to dress the part of an anchor, but his advice to wear her stilettos to report from a zoo on Halloween proves costly when she accidentally hurts a rabbit. The situation is exacerbated when the video goes viral and is downloaded worldwide. Meanwhile, after Kat criticizes Ethan's Superman costume and claims that she's stronger than he is, the two get into a wrestling match and he won't release her from a headlock until she admits that he's tougher. While confined to her wheelchair, Lina gets creative and decides to be FDR for the holiday, but she grows exasperated with the two as they delay their departure for a Halloween party. Also, Yonk takes Richie and Duncan to Atlantic City for one of his appearances, but they end up gambling instead.

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The Class Show Summary

A group of twenty-somethings who were third-grade classmates are reunited at a surprise party 20 years later. What will happen when they find out what each other's lives are like now?

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